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suspension (sus-pen´shun)

1. A temporary interruption of any function. 2. A hanging from a support, as used in the treatment of spinal curvatures or during the application of a plaster jacket. 3. Fixation of an organ, such as the uterus, to other tissue for support. 4. The dispersion through a liquid of a solid in finely divided particles of a size large enough to be detected by purely optical means; if the particles are too small to be seen by microscope but still large enough to scatter light (Tyndall phenomenon), they will remain dispersed indefinitely and are then called a colloidal s.coarse dispersion; 5. A class of pharmacopeial preparations of finely divided, undissolved drugs (e.g., powders for s.) dispersed in liquid vehicles for oral or parenteral use. [L. suspensio, fr. sus-pendo, pp. -pensus, to hang up, suspend]
amorphous insulin zinc s.prompt insulin zinc s
chromic phosphate P 32 colloidal s.a pure beta-emitting colloidal, nonabsorbable radiopharmaceutical administered into body cavities such as the pleural or peritoneal spaces to control malignant effusions. See also sodium phosphate P 32.
Coffey operative technique following partial excision of the cornu, as in salpingectomy, whereby the broad and the round ligament are sutured over the cornual wound to restore continuity of the peritoneum and to suspend the uterus on the operated side.
crystalline insulin zinc s.extended insulin zinc s
extended insulin zinc s.a long-acting insulin s., obtained from beef, with an approximate time of onset of 7 hours and a duration of action of 36 hours.crystalline insulin zinc s;
insulin zinc s.a sterile buffered s. with zinc chloride, containing 40 or 80 units per ml; the solid phase of the s. consists of a mixture of 7 parts of crystalline insulin and 3 parts of amorphous insulin.lente insulin;
magnesia and alumina oral s.a mixture of magnesium hydroxide and variable amounts of aluminum oxide; used as an antacid.
prompt insulin zinc s.sterile s. of insulin in buffered water for injection, modified by the addition of zinc chloride such that the solid phase of the s. is amorphous; it contains 40 or 80 units per ml; the duration of action is equivalent to that of insulin injection.amorphous insulin zinc s., semilente insulin;


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