swelling (swel´ing)

1. An enlargement, e.g., a protuberance or tumor. 2. In embryology, a primordial elevation that develops into a fold, ridge, or process.
albuminous s.cloudy s
arytenoid s.paired primordial elevations, on either side of the embryonic larynx, within which the arytenoid cartilages are formed.
brain s.a pathologic entity, localized or generalized, characterized by an increase in bulk of brain tissue, due to expansion of the intravascular (congestion) or extravascular (edema) compartments that may coexist or may occur separately and be clinically indistinguishable; clinical manifestations depend on disturbed neuronal function due to local s., shifting of intracranial structures, and the effects of intracranial hypertension or circulatory disturbance.
Calabar s.loiasis
cloudy s.s. of cells due to injury to the membranes affecting ionic transfer; causes an accumulation of intracellular water.albuminous s., granular degeneration, hydropic degeneration, parenchymatous degeneration;
fugitive s.loiasis
genital s.'spaired primordial elevations flanking the genital tubercle and the urogenital orifice of the embryo; they develop into the labioscrotal folds, which become the labia majora in the female and unite to form the scrotal pouch of the male.labioscrotal s.'s;
hunger s.starvation edema caused by many factors, primarily reduced serum albumin.
labial s.the female embryonic genital s. which elongates to become the definitive labium majus. See also genital s.'s.
labioscrotal s.'sgenital s.'s
lateral lingual s.'sin the embryo, paired oval elevations that appear in the floor of the mouth at mandibular arch level; the primordial elevations, composed of mesenchyme covered by ectoderm of stomodeal origin, merge to form the greater part of the anterior two thirds of the tongue.
levator s.levator cushion
Neufeld capsular s.increase in opacity and visibility of the capsule of capsulated organisms exposed to specific agglutinating anticapsular antibodies.Neufeld reaction, quellung phenomenon, quellung reaction (1) , quellung test;
scrotal s.the s. formed after the embryonic genital s.'s have fused together, become spherical, and migrated caudally to the base of the penis; just before birth the testis comes to lie within it.
Spielmeyer's acute s.a form of degeneration of nerve cells in which the cell body and its processes swell and stain palely and diffusely.


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