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symphysis, gen. symphyses (sim´fi-sis, -sez)

1. [NA] Form of cartilaginous joint in which union between two bones is effected by means of fibrocartilage.amphiarthrosis; 2. A union, meeting point, or commissure of any two structures. 3. A pathologic adhesion or growing together. [G. a growing together]
cardiac s.adhesion between the parietal and visceral layers of the pericardium.
intervertebral s.the union between adjacent vertebral bodies composed of the nucleus pulposus, annular ligament, and the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments.s. intervertebralis [NA] ;
s. intervertebra´lis [NA] intervertebral s
s. mandib´ulaemental s
manubriosternal s.the later union, by fibrocartilage, of the manubrium and the body of the sternum; it begins as a synchondrosis and becomes a symphysis, occasionally fusing to become a synostosis.s. manubriosternalis [NA] , sternomanubrial junction;
s. manubriosterna´lis [NA] manubriosternal s
mental s.the fibrocartilaginous union of the two halves of the mandible in the fetus; it becomes an osseous union during the first year.s. mandibulae, s. mentalis, s. menti;
s. menta´lismental s
s. men´timental s
pubic s.the firm fibrocartilaginous joint between the two pubic bones.s. pubica [NA] , s. pubis;
s. pu´bica [NA] pubic s
s. pu´bispubic s
s. sacrococcyg´easacrococcygeal joint


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