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tail (tal)

1. Any tail, or tail-like structure, or tapering or elongated extremity of an organ or other part. 2. In veterinary anatomy, a free appendage representing the caudal end of the vertebral column; covered by skin and hair, feathers, or scales.cauda [NA]; [A.S. taegl]
t. of caudate nucleus the elongated posterior extension of the caudate nucleus that parallels the body and inferior horn of the lateral ventricle.cauda nuclei caudati [NA], cauda striati;
t. of dentate gyrus uncus band of Giacomini
t. of epididymis the inferior part of the epididymis that leads into the ductus deferens; part of the reservoir of spermatozoa.cauda epididymidis [NA], cauda epididymis, globus minor;
t. of helix a flattened process terminating the cartilage of the helix of the ear, posteriorly and inferiorly.cauda helicis [NA];
t. of pancreas the left extremity of the pancreas within the lienorenal ligament.cauda pancreatis [NA];


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