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template (tem´plat)

1. A pattern or guide that determines the shape of a substance. 2. Metaphorically, the specifying nature of a macromolecule, usually a nucleic acid or polynucleotide, with respect to the primary structure of the nucleic acid or polynucleotide or protein made from it in vivo or in vitro. 3. In dentistry, a curved or flat plate utilized as an aid in setting teeth. 4. An outline used to trace teeth, bones, or soft tissue in order to standardize their form. 5. A pattern or guide that determines the specificity of antibody globulins. [Fr. templet, temple of a loom, fr. L. templum, small timber]
surgical t. 1. a thin, transparent, resin base shaped to duplicate the form of the impression surface of an immediate denture, used as a guide for surgically shaping the alveolar process to fit an immediate denture; 2. a guide for various osteotomy procedures; 3. a guide for duplicating size and shape for an autogenic (free) gingival graft.


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