tendo, gen. tendinis, pl. tendines (ten´do, -di-nis, -di-nez) [NA]

tendonFor histological description, see tendon [Mediev. L., fr. L. tendo, to stretch out, extend]
t. Achil´lis [NA] * official alternate term for t. calcaneus, t. calcaneus
t. calca´neus [NA] the tendon of insertion of the triceps surae (gastrocnemius and soleus) into the tuberosity of the calcaneus.t. Achillis [NA], Achilles tendon, calcanean tendon, chorda magna, heel tendon;
t. calca´neus commu´nis See hamstring (2).
t. conjuncti´vus [NA] * official alternate term for conjoint tendon
t. cricoesopha´geus [NA] cricoesophageal tendon
t. oc´uli medial palpebral ligament
t. palpebra´rum medial palpebral ligament


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