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tendon (ten´don)

A fibrous cord or band of variable length that connects a muscle with its bony attachment or other structure; it may unite with the muscle at its extremity or may run along the side or in the center of the muscle for a longer or shorter distance, receiving the muscular fibers along its lateral border. It consists of fascicles of very densely arranged, almost parallel collagenous fibers, rows of elongated fibrocytes, and a minimum of ground substance.For gross anatomical description, see tendotendo [NA], sinew; [L. tendo]
Achilles t. tendo calcaneus
bowed t. a condition caused by severe strain of the digital flexor tendons, the outer osseus (suspensory ligament), or the accessory ligament (distal cheek ligament) of the horse's limb and characterized by swelling, pain, and lameness; it occurs most frequently in race horses under stress of running.
calcanean t. tendo calcaneus
central t. of diaphragm a three-lobed fibrous sheet occupying the center of the diaphragm.centrum tendineum diaphragmatis [NA], trefoil t;
central t. of perineum the fibromuscular mass between the anal canal and the urogenital diaphragm in the median plane; midline episiotomies extend into this structure.centrum tendineum perinei [NA], perineal body, Savage's perineal body;
conjoined t. conjoint t
conjoint t. common t. of insertion of the transversus and obliquus internus muscles into the crest and spine of the pubis and iliopectineal line; it is frequently muscular rather than aponeurotic and may be poorly developed; forms posterior wall of medial inguinal canal. See also aponeurosis of internal abdominal oblique muscle.falx inguinalis [NA], tendo conjunctivus [NA], conjoined t., falx aponeurotica, inguinal aponeurotic fold;
contracted t. a condition of young horses in which the flexor t.'s of the leg are shortened.
coronary t. fibrous ring of heart
cricoesophageal t. longitudinal fiber of the esophagus that attaches to the posterior aspect of the cricoid cartilage of the larynx.tendo cricoesophageus [NA], Gillette's suspensory ligament, suspensory ligament of esophagus;
Gerlach's annular t. fibrocartilaginous ring of tympanic membrane
hamstring t. See hamstring.
heel t. tendo calcaneus
slipped t. See perosis.
Todaro's t. an inconstant tendinous structure that extends from the right fibrous trigone of the heart toward the valve of the inferior vena cava.
trefoil t. central t. of diaphragm
Zinn's t. common tendinous ring


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