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tension (ten´shun)

1. The act of stretching. 2. The condition of being stretched or tense, or a stretching or pulling force. 3. The partial pressure of a gas, especially that of a gas dissolved in a liquid such as blood. 4. Mental, emotional, or nervous strain; strained relations or barely controlled hostility between persons or groups. [L. tensio, fr. tendo, pp. tensus, to stretch]
arterial t. the blood pressure within an artery.
interfacial surface t. the t. or resistance to separation possessed by the film of liquid between two well-adapted surfaces, as of the thin film of saliva between the denture base and the tissues.
ocular t. (Tn) resistance of the tunics of the eye to deformation; it can be estimated digitally or measured by means of a tonometer.
premenstrual t. premenstrual syndrome
surface t. (gamma, sigma) the expression of intermolecular attraction at the surface of a liquid, in contact with air or another gas, a solid, or another immiscible liquid, tending to pull the molecules of the liquid inward from the surface; dimensional formula: mt-2.
tissue t. a theoretical condition of equilibrium or balance between the tissues and cells whereby overaction of any part is restrained by the pull of the mass.


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