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testis, pl. testes (tes´tis, -tez) [NA]

One of the two male reproductive glands, located in the cavity of the scrotum.didymus, genital gland (1), male gonad, orchis, testicle, testiculus; [L.]
cryptorchid t. undescended t
ectopic t. a variant of undescended t. wherein testicular position is outside the usual pathway of descent. See also testis ectopia.
movable t. a condition in which there is a tendency in the t. to ascend to the upper part of the scrotum or into the inguinal canal.
retractile t. a t. that periodically disappears from the scrotum, as contrasted with an undescended t.
undescended t. a t. that has failed to descend into the scrotum; there are palpable and unpalpable (impalpable) variants.cryptorchid t;


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