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thorax, gen. thoracis, pl. thoraces (tho´raks, tho´ra-sis, -ra´sez) [NA]

The upper part of the trunk between the neck and the abdomen; it is formed by the 12 thoracic vertebrae, the 12 pairs of ribs, the sternum, and the muscles and fasciae attached to these; below it is separated from the abdomen by the diaphragm; it contains the chief organs of the circulatory and respiratory systems, as distinguished from the abdomen which encloses those of the digestive apparatus. [L. fr. G. thorax, breastplate, the chest, fr. thoresso, to arm]
barrel-shaped t. increased antero-posterior dimension of the t., so that lateral and antero-posterior dimensions are about equal, due to hyperinflation of the lungs. Seen in patients with emphysema.
Peyrot's t. an obliquely oval deformity of the chest in cases of a very large pleural effusion.


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