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thrombosis, pl. thromboses (throm-bo´sis, -sez)

Formation or presence of a thrombus; clotting within a blood vessel which may cause infarction of tissues supplied by the vessel. [G. thrombosis, a clotting, fr. thrombos, clot]
atrophic t. t. due to feebleness of the circulation, as in marasmus.marantic t., marasmic t;
cerebral t. clotting of blood in a cerebral vessel.
compression t. t. due to arrest of the circulation in a vessel by compression, as from a tumor.
coronary t. coronary occlusion by thrombus formation, usually the result of atheromatous changes in the arterial wall and usually leading to myocardial infarction.
creeping t. a gradually increasing t. involving one section of a vein after another in continuity.
dilation t. t. due to slowed circulation consequent upon dilation of a vein.
effort-induced t. Paget-von Schrötter syndrome
marantic t. , marasmic t. atrophic t
mural t. the formation of a thrombus in contact with the endocardial lining of a cardiac chamber, or a large blood vessel, if not occlusive.
placental t. t. of the veins of the uterus at the placental site.
plate t. , platelet t. t. due to an abnormal accumulation of platelets.
posttraumatic arterial t. , posttraumatic venous t. intravascular clotting due to injury to a vessel wall.


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