tongue (tung)

1. A mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane, occupying the cavity of the mouth and forming part of its floor, constituting also by its posterior portion the anterior wall of the pharnyx. It bears the organ of taste and assists in mastication, deglutition, and articulation.lingua (1) [NA], glossa; 2. A tongue-like structure.lingua (2) [NA]; [A.S. tunge]
baked t. the dry blackish t. noted when patients with typhoid fever or other disorders are allowed to become dehydrated.
bald t. atrophic glossitis
beet-t. sometimes used of the t. in pellagra, where intense erythema appears, first at the tip, then along the edges, and finally over the dorsum; there may be pain and increased elevation; the shiny appearance results from edema, not atrophy, except in chronic pellagra.
bifid t. a structural defect of the t. in which the extremity is divided longitudinally for a greater or lesser distance. See diglossia.cleft t;
black t. black to yellowish brown discoloration of the dorsum of the t. due to staining by exogenous material such as the components of tobacco; usually superimposed on hairy t. 2. in canines, a disorder associated with a deficency of nicotinic acid.lingua nigra, melanoglossia, nigrities linguae;
t. of cerebellum lingula of cerebellum
cleft t. bifid t
coated t. a t. with a whitish layer on its upper surface, composed of epithelial debris, food particles, and bacteria; often an indication of indigestion or of fever.furred t;
dotted t. one in which each separate papilla is capped with a whitish deposit.stippled t;
fissured t. a painless condition of the t. characterized by numerous grooves or furrows on the dorsal surface.grooved t., lingua fissurata, lingua plicata, scrotal t;
furred t. coated t
geographic t. idiopathic, asymptomatic erythematous circinate macules, often bounded peripherally by a white band, as a result of atrophy of the filiform papillae; with time the lesions resolve, coalesce, and change in distribution; frequently associated with fissured t.'s.benign migratory glossitis, erythema migrans, erythema migrans linguae, glossitis areata exfoliativa, lingua dissecta, lingua geographica, pityriasis linguae;
grooved t. fissured t
hairy t. a t. with abnormal elongation of the filiform papillae, resulting in a thickened furry appearance.glossotrichia, trichoglossia;
hobnail t. interstitial glossitis with hypertrophy and verrucous changes in papillae; seen in some cases of late acquired syphilis.
magenta t. purplish red coloration of the t., with edema and flattening of the filiform papillae, occurring in riboflavin deficiency. Cf. cyanosis.
mandibular t. lingula of mandible
raspberry t. strawberry t. that is a dark red color.
red strawberry t. clinical manifestation of Kawasaki's disease.
scrotal t. fissured t
smoker's t. obsolete term for leukoplakia.
stippled t. dotted t
strawberry t. a t. with a whitish coat through which the enlarged fungiform papillae project as red points, characteristic of scarlet fever and of mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome.
wooden t. of cattle actinobacillosis


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