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torsion (tor´shun)

1. A twisting or rotation of a part upon its long axis. 2. Twisting of the cut end of an artery to arrest hemorrhage. 3. Rotation of the eye around its anteroposterior axis. See also intorsion, extorsion, dextrotorsion, levotorsion. [L. torsio, fr. torqueo, to twist]
t. of appendage t. of testis or epididymis
extravaginal t. high t. above insertion of tunica vaginalis.
intravaginal t. t. below insertion of tunica vaginalis. See bell clapper deformity.
perinatal t. tends to be extravaginal type.
t. of testis rotation producing ischemia of testis.
t. testis spermatic cord
t. of a tooth rotation of a tooth in its socket.


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