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treatment (tret´ment)

Medical or surgical management of a patient. See also therapy, therapeutics. [Fr. traitement (see treat)]
active t. a therapeutic substance or course intended to ameliorate the basic disease problem, as opposed to supportive or palliative t. Cf. causal t.
Carrel's t. t. of wound surfaces by intermittent flushing with Dakin's solution.Dakin-Carrel t;
causal t. t. aimed at reversing the causal factor in a disease.
conservative t. a course of therapeutic action designed to avoid harm, with less possibility of benefit than more risky actions.
Dakin-Carrel t. Carrel's t
dietetic t. treatment of a clinical condition with a specific diet.
empiric t. a t. based on experience, usually without adequate data to support its use.
endodontic t. root canal t
Goeckerman t. a t. for psoriasis; the involved areas are painted with a solution of coal tar, or are covered with crude coal tar ointment and subsequently irradiated with ultraviolet (UVB).
heat t. in dentistry, a method of controlled temperature handling of metals so as to change the microscopic structure and thus the physical properties. See also temper, anneal.
insulin coma t. rarely used t. of major mental illness by means of hypoglycemic coma induced by insulin.
insulin shock t. formerly used t. for serious mental disorders in which the patient was given insulin to induce a seizure; supplanted by electroshock therapy.
isoserum t. therapeutic use of serum taken from a person having or having had the same disease as the patient under treatment.
Kenny's t. a method for the t. of anterior poliomyelitis; the affected parts are wrapped in woolen cloth wrung out with hot water; after the acute stage of the disease has passed, the limbs are passively exercised to reeducate the paralyzed muscles.
light t. phototherapy
medical t. t. of disease by hygienic and pharmacologic remedies, as distinguished from invasive surgical procedures.
Mitchell's t. t. of mental illness by rest, nourishing diet, and a change of environment.Weir Mitchell t;
moral t. a type of milieu therapy utilized in the 19th century, emphasizing religious doctrine and benevolent guidance in activities of daily living; as such it was a form of psychotherapy as opposed to somatic t.'s such as bloodletting and purging.
Nauheim t. t. of certain cardiac affections by baths in water through which carbonic acid gas is bubbling, followed by resisting exercises.Nauheim bath, Schott t; [Bad Nauheim, W. Germany]
palliative t. t. to alleviate symptoms without curing the disease.
preventive t. prophylactic t
prophylactic t. the institution of measures designed to protect a person from an attack of a disease to which he has been, or is liable to be exposed.preventive t;
root canal t. 1. the means by which painful or diseased teeth, in which the pulp is involved, are restored to a healthy state; 2. removal of a normal, diseased, or dead pulp by biochemical and mechanical means, enlargement and sterilization of the root canal, followed by filling the canal, to effect healing of diseased periapical tissues; 3. the diagnosis and t. of diseases of the pulp and their sequelae.endodontic t;
Schott t. Nauheim t
shock t. See electroshock therapy.
solar t. syn xref to solar therapy.
symptomatic t. therapy aimed at relieving symptoms without necessarily affecting the basic underlying cause(s) of the symptoms.
Tallerman t. use of special apparatus to administer dry heat to rheumatic disorders, traumatic sprains, etc.
thymus t. t. of disease by administration of extracts of thymus gland.
Tweed edgewise t. See edgewise appliance.
Weir Mitchell t. Mitchell's t


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