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trochanter (tro-kan´ter)

One of the bony prominences developed from independent osseous centers near the upper extremity of the femur; there are two in man, three in the horse. [G. trochanter, a runner, fr. trecho, to run]
greater t. a strong process at the proximal and lateral part of the shaft of the femur, overhanging the root of the neck; it gives attachment to the gluteus medius and minimus, piriformis, obturator internus and externus, and gemelli muscles.t. major [NA];
lesser t. a pyramidal process projecting from the medial and proximal part of the shaft of the femur at the line of junction of the shaft and the neck; it receives the insertion of the psoas major and iliacus (iliopsoas) muscles.t. minor [NA], small t., trochantin;
t. ma´jor [NA] greater t
t. mi´nor [NA] lesser t
small t. lesser t
t. ter´tius [NA] gluteal tuberosity
third t. an occasional process at the proximal end of the lateral lip of the linea aspera of the femur, about on a level with the lesser t., giving insertion to the greater part of the gluteus maximus muscle. See also gluteal tuberosity.


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