tuber, pl. tubera (tu´ber, tu´ber-a)

1. [NA] A localized swelling; a knob. 2. A short, fleshy, thick, underground stem of plants, such as the potato. [L. protuberance, swelling]
t. ante´rius t. cinereum
ashen t. t. cinereum
calcaneal t. calcaneal tuberosity
t. calca´nei [NA] calcaneal tuberosity
t. cal´cis calcaneal tuberosity
t. cine´reum [NA] a prominence of the base of the hypothalamus, bordered caudally by the mamillary bodies, rostrally by the optic chiasm, and laterally by the optic tract, extending ventrally into the infundibulum and hypophysial stalk.ashen t., gray t., t. anterius;
t. coch´leae promontory of tympanic cavity
t. cor´poris callo´si splenium corporis callosi
t. dorsa´le t. vermis
eustachian t. a slight projection from the labyrinthine wall of the middle ear below the fenestra vestibuli (ovalis).
frontal t. frontal eminence
t. fronta´le [NA] frontal eminence
gray t. t. cinereum
t. ischiad´icum [NA] ischial tuberosity
t. of ischium ischial tuberosity
t. maxil´lae [NA] maxillary tuberosity
omental t. t. omentale
t. omenta´le [NA] 1. an eminence on the visceral surface of the left hepatic lobe to the left of the fossa for the ductus venosus; 2. a bulge on the anterior surface of the body of the pancreas to the left of the superior mesenteric vessels.omental t;
parietal t. parietal eminence
t. parieta´le [NA] parietal eminence
t. ra´dii radial tuberosity
t. val´vulae t. vermis
t. of vermis t. vermis
t. ver´mis [NA] the posterior division of the inferior vermis of the cerebellum located between the folium and the pyramis.t. dorsale, t. of vermis, t. valvulae;
t. zygomat´icum articular tubercle of temporal bone


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