tuberculum, pl. tubercula (tu-ber´kyu-lum, -la) [NA]

tubercle (1), tubercle (2), tubercle (3) 2. A circumscribed, rounded, solid elevation on the skin, mucous membrane, or surface of an organ. 3. A slight elevation from the surface of a bone giving attachment to a muscle or ligament. [L. dim. of tuber, a knob, swelling, tumor]
t. adducto´rium [NA] adductor tubercle
t. ante´rius atlan´tis [NA] anterior tubercle of atlas
t. ante´rius thal´ami [NA] anterior thalamic tubercle
t. ante´rius vertebra´rum cervica´lium anterior tubercle of cervical vertebrae
t. arthrit´icum 1. Heberden's nodes, under node 2. any gouty concretion in or around a joint.
t. articula´re os´sis tempora´lis [NA] articular tubercle of temporal bone
t. auric´ulae [NA] auricular tubercle
t. calca´nei [NA] calcaneal tubercle
t. carot´icum [NA] carotid tubercle
t. cine´reum a longitudinal prominence on the dorsolateral surface of the medulla oblongata along the lateral border of the t. cuneatum; it is the surface profile of the spinal tract of trigeminal nerve, continuous caudally with the dorsolateral fasciculus (Lissauer's tract).ashen tubercle, gray tubercle, Rolando's tubercle;
t. conoi´deum [NA] conoid tubercle
t. cornicula´tum [NA] corniculate tubercle
t. coro´nae dental tubercle
t. cos´tae [NA] tubercle of rib
t. cunea´tum tubercle of cuneate nucleus
t. cuneifor´me [NA] cuneiform tubercle
t. den´tis [NA] dental tubercle
tuber´cula doloro´sa obsolete term for multiple cutaneous myomas or neuromas which are painful on pressure.
t. dorsa´le [NA] dorsal tubercle of radius
t. epiglot´ticum [NA] epiglottic tubercle
t. grac´ile tubercle of gracile nucleus
t. hypoglos´si hypoglossal trigone
t. ili´acum [NA] tubercle of iliac crest
t. im´par a small median protuberance on the floor of the oral cavity of the embryo between the mandibular and hyoid arches, which plays a minor role in the development of the tongue.median tongue bud;
t. infraglenoida´le [NA] infraglenoid tubercle
t. intercondyla´re [NA] intercondylar tubercle
t. interveno´sum [NA] intervenous tubercle
t. jugula´re [NA] jugular tubercle
t. la´bii superio´ris [NA] labial tubercle
t. latera´le proces´sus posterio´ris ta´li [NA] lateral tubercle of posterior process of talus
t. ma´jus hu´meri [NA] greater tubercle of humerus
t. mal´lei lateral process of malleus
t. margina´le os´sis zygomat´ici [NA] marginal tubercle of zygomatic bone
t. media´le proces´sus posterio´ris ta´li [NA] medial tubercle of posterior process of talus
t. menta´le [NA] mental tubercle
t. mi´nus hu´meri [NA] lesser tubercle of humerus
t. mus´culi scale´ni anterio´ris [NA] scalene tubercle
t. nu´clei cunea´ti [NA] tubercle of cuneate nucleus
t. nu´clei gra´cilis [NA] tubercle of gracile nucleus
t. obturato´rium [NA] obturator tubercle
t. olfacto´rium olfactory tubercle
t. os´sis scaphoi´dei [NA] tubercle of scaphoid bone
t. os´sis trape´zii [NA] tubercle of trapezium
t. pharyn´geum [NA] pharyngeal tubercle
t. poste´rius atlan´tis [NA] posterior tubercle of atlas
t. poste´rius vertebra´rum cervica´lium posterior tubercle of cervical vertebrae
t. pu´bicum [NA] pubic tubercle
t. seba´ceum milium
t. sel´lae [NA] the slight elevation in front of the pituitary fossa (sella turcica) on the body of the sphenoid bone.tubercle of saddle;
t. sep´ti na´rium a flat elevation on the septum in each naris opposite the anterior end of the middle concha; it is due to an aggregation of glands.
t. supe´rius auricular tubercle
t. supraglenoida´le [NA] supraglenoid tubercle
t. supratra´gicum [NA] supratragic tubercle
t. syphilit´icum gumma of the skin.
t. thyroi´deum infe´rius [NA] inferior thyroid tubercle
t. thyroi´deum supe´rius [NA] superior thyroid tubercle


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