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tuberositas (tu´ber-os´i-tas)

tuberosity [LL., fr. L., tuberosus, full of lumps, fr. tuber, a knob]
t. coracoi´dea coracoid tuberosity
t. costa´lis impression for costoclavicular ligament
t. deltoi´dea [NA] deltoid tuberosity
t. glu´tea [NA] gluteal tuberosity
t. ili´aca [NA] iliac tuberosity
t. masseter´ica [NA] masseteric tuberosity
t. mus´culi serra´ti anterio´ris [NA] tuberosity for serratus anterior muscle
t. os´sis cuboi´dei [NA] tuberosity of cuboid bone
t. os´sis metatarsa´lis pri´mi [NA] tuberosity of first metatarsal
t. os´sis metatarsa´lis quin´ti [NA] tuberosity of fifth metatarsal
t. os´sis navicula´ris [NA] tuberosity of navicular bone
t. phalan´gis dista´lis [NA] tuberosity of distal phalanx
t. pterygoi´dea [NA] pterygoid tuberosity
t. ra´dii [NA] radial tuberosity
t. sacra´lis [NA] sacral tuberosity
t. tib´iae [NA] tibial tuberosity
t. ul´nae [NA] tuberosity of ulna
t. unguicula´ris tuberosity of distal phalanx


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