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tuberosity (tu´ber-os´i-te)

A large tubercle or rounded elevation, especially from the surface of a bone.tuberositas;
bicipital t. radial t
calcaneal t. the posterior extremity of the calcaneus, or os calcis, forming the projection of the heel.tuber calcanei [NA], calcaneal tuber, tuber calcis;
coracoid t. the conoid tubercle and trapezoid line of the coracoid process of the scapula, giving attachment to the two parts of the coracoclavicular ligament: the conoid and trapezoid ligaments.tuberositas coracoidea;
costal t. impression for costoclavicular ligament
t. of cuboid bone a slight eminence on the lateral surface of the cuboid bone, capped with an articular facet for a sesamoid bone in the tendon of the peroneus longus muscle.tuberositas ossis cuboidei [NA];
deltoid t. a rough elevation about the middle of the lateral side of the shaft of the humerus, giving attachment to the deltoid muscle.tuberositas deltoidea [NA], deltoid crest, deltoid eminence, deltoid impression;
t. of distal phalanx a roughened raised surface of horseshoe shape on the palmar surface of the distal end of the terminal or ungual phalanx of each finger and toe, which serves to support the pulp of the digit.tuberositas phalangis distalis [NA], tuberositas unguicularis, ungual t;
t. of fifth metatarsal a tubercle at the base of this bone to the posterior part of which is attached the tendon of the peroneus brevis muscle.tuberositas ossis metatarsalis quinti [NA];
t. of first metatarsal a tubercle at the base of the bone to which is attached the tendon of the peroneus longus muscle.tuberositas ossis metatarsalis primi [NA];
gluteal t. the point of insertion on the upper portion of the shaft of the femur of the greater part of the gluteus maximus muscle; when markedly developed this t. is called the third trochanter.trochanter tertius [NA], tuberositas glutea [NA], crista glutea, gluteal crest, gluteal ridge;
greater t. of humerus greater tubercle of humerus
iliac t. a rough area above the auricular surface on the medial aspect of the ala of the ilium, giving attachment to the posterior sacroiliac ligament.tuberositas iliaca [NA];
infraglenoid t. infraglenoid tubercle
ischial t. the rough bony projection at the junction of the lower end of the body of the ischium and its ramus; this is a weight-bearing point in the sitting position; provides attachment for the sacrotuberous ligament and is the site of origin of the hamstring muscles.tuber ischiadicum [NA], tuber of ischium;
lateral femoral t. lateral epicondyle of femur
lesser t. of humerus lesser tubercle of humerus
masseteric t. a roughened surface on the external aspect of the angle of the mandible, giving attachment to fibers of the masseter muscle.tuberositas masseterica [NA];
maxillary t. the bulging lower extremity of the posterior surface of the body of the maxilla, behind the root of the last molar tooth.tuber maxillae [NA], eminentia maxillae [NA], maxillary eminence;
medial femoral t. medial epicondyle of femur
t. of navicular bone a rounded eminence on the medial surface of the navicular bone, giving attachment to a part of the tendon of the tibialis posterior muscle.tuberositas ossis navicularis [NA], scaphoid t;
pterygoid t. a roughened area on the internal aspect of the mandible, giving attachment to fibers of the medial pterygoid muscle.tuberositas pterygoidea [NA];
radial t. an oval projection from the medial surface of the radius just distal to the neck, giving attachment on its posterior half to the tendon of the biceps.tuberositas radii [NA], bicipital t., tuber radii, t. of radius;
t. of radius radial t
sacral t. a rough prominence on the lateral surface of the sacrum posterior to the auricular surface for attachment of posterior sacroiliac ligaments.tuberositas sacralis [NA];
scaphoid t. t. of navicular bone
t. for serratus anterior muscle a rough oval area, about the middle of the outer surface and lower border of the second rib, for the attachment of the serratus anterior muscle.tuberositas musculi serrati anterioris [NA];
tibial t. an oval elevation on the anterior surface of the tibia about 3 cm distal to the articular surface, giving attachment at its distal part to the patellar ligament.tuberositas tibiae [NA];
t. of ulna a prominence at the lower border of the anterior surface of the coronoid process, giving attachment to the brachialis muscle.tuberositas ulnae [NA];
ungual t. t. of distal phalanx


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