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tubule (tu´byul)

A small tube.tubulus; [L. tubulus, dim. of tubus, tube]
Albarran y Dominguez' t.'s Albarran's glands, under gland
collecting t. straight seminiferous t
connecting t. a narrow arching t. of the kidney joining the distal convoluted t. and the collecting t.
convoluted t. of kidney the highly convoluted segments of the nephron in the renal labyrinth comprising the proximal convoluted tubule, which leads from Bowman's capsule to the descending limb of Henle's loop, and the distal convoluted t., which leads from the ascending limb of Henle's loop to the collecting tube.tubulus renalis contortus [NA], Ferrein's tube, tubulus contortus (1);
convoluted seminiferous t. one of two or three twisted curved t.'s in each lobule of the testis, in which spermatogenesis occurs.tubulus seminifer contortus [NA], tubulus contortus (2);
dental t.'s canaliculi dentales, under canaliculus
dentinal t.'s canaliculi dentales, under canaliculus
discharging t. a urinary t. formed by the union of several collecting t.'s and terminating as a papillary duct.
Henle's t.'s the straight portions of the uriniferous t.'s that form Henle's loop, distinguished as the descending and ascending t.'s of Henle.
Kobelt's t.'s remnants of the mesonephric t.'s in the female, contained within the epoöphoron.wolffian t.'s;
malpighian t.'s in insects, slender tubular or hairlike excretory structures that emerge from the alimentary canal between the mesenteron (midgut) and proctodeum (hindgut) in a region frequently termed the pylorus; they vary in number from 1 to over 100, and may be assorted in equally sized bundles in some insects.
mesonephric t. an excretory t. of the mesonephros.segmental t;
metanephric t. an excretory unit of the metanephros or permanent kidney.
paragenital t.'s remnants of embryonic mesonephric t.'s, some of which form the paradidymis.
pronephric t. an excretory unit of the pronephros, present only in vestigial form in human embryos.
segmental t. mesonephric t
seminiferous t. the tubulus seminifer contortus or the tubulus seminifer rectus.
Skene's t.'s the embryonic urethral glands which are the female homologue of the prostate.
spiral t. the segment of urinary t. coming next after the proximal convoluted t.
straight t. 1. one of the straight t.'s of the kidney, present in the medulla and pars radiata of the cortex; 2. straight seminiferous t
straight seminiferous t. the continuation of the t. seminifer contortus which becomes straight just before entering the mediastinum to form the rete testis.tubulus renalis rectus [NA], tubulus seminifer rectus [NA], collecting t., straight t. (2), tubulus rectus (1), tubulus rectus (2), vasa recta (2);
T t. the transverse t. that passes from the sarcolemma across a myofibril of striated muscle; it is the intermediate t. of the triad.
uriniferous t. the functional unit of the kidney, composed of a long convoluted portion (nephron) and an intrarenal collecting duct.
wolffian t.'s Kobelt's t.'s


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