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tunica, pl. tunicae (tu´ni-ka, -ke) [NA]

tunic [L. a coat]
t. abdomina´lis the aponeurosis of the abdominal muscles of quadrupeds.
t. adventi´tia [NA] adventitia
t. albugin´ea [NA] a dense white collagenous tunic surrounding a structure.
t. albuginea of corpora cavernosi a strong, fibrous membrane enveloping the corpora cavernosa penis.t. albuginea corporum cavernosorum [NA];
t. albugin´ea cor´poris spongio´si [NA] t. albuginea of corpus spongiosum
t. albugin´ea cor´porum cavernoso´rum [NA] t. albuginea of corpora cavernosi
t. albuginea of corpus spongiosum the thick layer of fibrous tissue surrounding the corpus spongiosum penis; it is thinner than the corresponding layer around each corpus cavernosum.t. albuginea corporis spongiosi [NA], fibrous tunic of corpus spongiosum;
t. albugin´ea oc´uli sclera
t. albugin´ea tes´tis [NA] t. albuginea of testis
t. albuginea of testis a thick white fibrous membrane forming the outer coat of the testis.t. albuginea testis [NA], perididymis;
t. car´nea dartos fascia
t. conjuncti´va [NA] conjunctiva
t. conjuncti´va bul´bi [NA] bulbar conjunctiva
t. conjuncti´va palpebra´rum [NA] palpebral conjunctiva
t. dar´tos [NA] dartos fascia See also dartos muliebris.
t. elas´tica t. media of large arteries.
t. exter´na [NA] 1. the outer of two or more enveloping layers of any structure; 2. specifically, the outer fibroelastic coat of a blood or lymph vessel.t. extima;
t. exter´na oc´uli fibrous tunic of eye
t. exter´na the´cae follic´uli the external fibrous layer of the theca of a well-developed vesicular ovarian follicle; the cells and fibers are arranged in a concentric fashion.theca externa;
t. ex´tima t. externa
t. fibro´sa [NA] fibrous capsule
t. fibro´sa bul´bi [NA] fibrous tunic of eye
t. fibro´sa hep´atis [NA] fibrous capsule of liver (2)
t. fibro´sa lie´nis [NA] * official alternate term for fibrous capsule of spleen, fibrous capsule of spleen
t. fibro´sa re´nis fibrous capsule of kidney
t. fibro´sa sple´nis [NA] fibrous capsule of spleen
tu´nicae funic´uli spermat´ici [NA] coverings of spermatic cord, under covering
Haller's t. vasculosa vascular tunic of eye
t. inter´na bul´bi [NA] retina
t. inter´na the´cae follic´uli the inner cellular and vascular layer of the vesicular ovarian follicle; there is evidence that the epithelioid cells produce estrogen and contribute to the formation of the corpus luteum after ovulation.theca interna;
t. in´tima [NA] the innermost coat of a blood or lymphatic vessel; it consists of endothelium, usually a thin fibroelastic subendothelial layer, and an inner elastic membrane or longitudinal fibers.
t. me´dia [NA] the middle, usually muscular, coat of an artery or other tubular (1);
t. muco´sa [NA] mucosa
t. muco´sa bronchio´rum [NA] mucosa of bronchi
t. muco´sa cavita´tis tym´pani [NA] mucosa of tympanic cavity
t. muco´sa co´li [NA] mucosa of colon
t. muco´sa duc´tus deferen´tis [NA] mucosa of ductus deferens
t. muco´sa esoph´agi [NA] esophageal mucosa
t. muco´sa gas´trica [ventric´uli] [NA] gastric mucosa
t. muco´sa intesti´ni ten´uis [NA] mucosa of small intestine
t. muco´sa laryn´gis [NA] laryngeal mucosa
t. muco´sa lin´guae [NA] lingual mucosa
t. muco´sa na´si [NA] nasal mucosa
t. muco´sa o´ris [NA] oral mucosa
t. muco´sa pharyn´gis [NA] pharyngeal mucosa
t. muco´sa tra´cheae [NA] tracheal mucosa
t. muco´sa tu´bae auditi´vae [NA] mucosa of auditory tube
t. muco´sa tu´bae uteri´nae [NA] mucosa of uterine tube
t. muco´sa ure´teris [NA] mucosa of ureter
t. muco´sa ure´thrae femini´nae [NA] mucosa of female urethra
t. muco´sa u´teri [NA] endometrium
t. muco´sa vagi´nae [NA] vaginal mucosa
t. muco´sa vesi´cae bilia´ris [NA] mucosa of gallbladder
t. muco´sa vesi´cae fel´leae [NA] * official alternate term for mucosa of gallbladder, mucosa of gallbladder
t. muco´sa vesi´cae urina´riae [NA] mucosa of urinary bladder
t. muco´sa vesic´ulae semina´lis [NA] mucosa of seminal vesicle
t. muscula´ris [NA] muscular coat
t. muscula´ris bronchio´rum [NA] muscular coat of bronchi
t. muscula´ris co´li [NA] muscular coat of colon
t. muscula´ris duc´tus deferen´tis [NA] muscular coat of ductus deferens
t. muscula´ris esoph´agi [NA] muscular coat of esophagus
t. muscula´ris gas´trica [NA] muscular coat of stomach
t. muscula´ris intesti´ni ten´uis [NA] muscular coat of small intestine
t. muscula´ris pharyn´gis [NA] muscular coat of pharynx
t. muscula´ris rec´ti [NA] muscular coat of rectum
t. muscula´ris tra´cheae [NA] muscular coat of trachea
t. muscula´ris tu´bae uteri´nae [NA] muscular coat of uterine tube
t. muscula´ris ure´teris [NA] muscular coat of ureter
t. muscula´ris ure´thrae femini´nae [NA] muscular coat of female urethra
t. muscula´ris u´teri [NA] myometrium
t. muscula´ris vagi´nae [NA] muscular coat of vagina
t. muscula´ris ventric´uli * official alternate term for muscular coat of stomach
t. muscula´ris vesi´cae bilia´ris [NA] muscular coat of gallbladder
t. muscula´ris vesi´cae fel´leae [NA] * official alternate term for muscular coat of gallbladder
t. muscula´ris vesi´cae urina´riae [NA] muscular coat of urinary bladder
t. ner´vea an older term, formerly used to designate the retina exclusive of the layer of rods and cones.Brücke's tunic;
t. pro´pria the special envelope of a part as distinguished from the peritoneal or other investment common to several parts.
t. pro´pria co´rii stratum reticulare corii
t. pro´pria lie´nis fibrous capsule of spleen
t. reflex´a the reflected layer of the t. vasculosa testis that lines the scrotum.
t. sclerot´ica sclera
t. sero´sa [NA] serosa
t. sero´sa co´li [NA] serosa of colon
t. sero´sa gas´trica [NA] serosa of stomach
t. sero´sa hep´atis [NA] serosa of liver
t. sero´sa intesti´ni ten´uis [NA] serosa of small intestine
t. sero´sa peritone´i [NA] serous layer of peritoneum
t. sero´sa tu´bae uteri´nae [NA] serosa of uterine tube
t. sero´sa u´teri [NA] perimetrium, serosa of uterus
t. sero´sa ventric´uli [NA] * official alternate term for serosa of stomach
t. sero´sa vesi´cae bilia´ris [NA] serosa of gallbladder
t. sero´sa vesi´cae fel´leae [NA] * official alternate term for serosa of gallbladder
t. sero´sa vesi´cae urina´riae [NA] serosa of urinary bladder
t. submuco´sa submucosa
t. vagina´lis commu´nis internal spermatic fascia
t. vagina´lis tes´tis [NA] the serous sheath of the testis and epididymis, derived from the peritoneum; it consists of outer parietal and inner visceral serous layers.
t. vasculo´sa any vascular layer.
t. vasculo´sa bul´bi [NA] vascular tunic of eye
t. vasculo´sa len´tis a nutrient vascular layer enveloping the lens of the eye in the fetus.
t. vasculo´sa oc´uli vascular tunic of eye
t. vasculo´sa tes´tis the vascular layer enveloping the testis beneath the t. albuginea.
t. vit´rea posterior limiting layer of cornea


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