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type (tIp)

1. The usual form, or a composite form, that all others of the class resemble more or less closely; a model, denoting especially a disease or a symptom complex giving the stamp or characteristic to a class. See also constitution, habitus, personality. 2. In chemistry, a substance in which the arrangement of the atoms in a molecule may be taken as representative of other substances in that class. [G. typos, a mark, a model]
basic personality t. 1. an individual's unique, covert, or underlying personality propensities, whether or not they are behaviorally manifest or overt; 2. personality characteristics of an individual which are also shared by a majority of the members of a social group.
blood t. See blood type.
buffalo t. term used to describe the distribution of a fat deposit seen posteriorly over the upper thoracic vertebrae; seen in hyperadrenocorticalism (Cushing's syndrome).buffalo hump;
nomenclatural t. the constituent element of a taxon to which the name of the taxon is permanently attached; the t. of a species is preferably a strain (in special cases it may be a description, a preserved specimen or preparation, or an illustration); the t. of a genus is a species; and the t. of an order, family, or tribe is the genus on whose name the name of the higher taxon is based.
test t. See test types.
wild t. a gene, phenotype, or genotype that is overwhelmingly common among those possible at a locus of interest, and therefore presumably not harmful.


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