typhoid (tI´foyd)

1. Typhus-like; stuporous from fever. 2. typhoid fever [typhus + G. eidos, resemblance]
abdominal t. typhoid fever
ambulatory t. walking t
apyretic t. t. fever in which the temperature does not rise more than a degree or two.
bilious t. of Griesinger relapsing fever
equine t. equine viral arteritis
fowl t. a septicemic disease of chickens and turkeys, caused by Salmonella gallinarum; some human infections with this organism have been reported.
latent t. walking t
provocation t. an accelerated onset of t. fever, sometimes of unusual severity, resulting from typhoid-paratyphoid A and B (T.A.B.) vaccination late in the incubation period.
walking t. t. fever without much prostration, the patient being up and around and sometimes working.ambulatory t., latent t;


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