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urine (yur´in)

The fluid and dissolved substances excreted by the kidney. [L. urina; G. ouron]
ammoniacal u. ammoniuria
black u. the dark u. of melanuria or hemoglobinuria.
chylous u. u. of a milky appearance, containing chyle.milky u;
cloudy u. u. with a cloudy appearance, usually due to pus, crystals, bacteria, blood, or free fat globules.nebulous u;
crude u. pale u. of low specific gravity, with very little sediment.
febrile u. dark colored, concentrated u. of strong odor, passed by one suffering from fever.feverish u;
feverish u. febrile u
gouty u. u. of a high color containing uric acid in excess.
honey u. obsolete term for diabetes mellitus.
maple syrup u. See maple syrup urine disease.
milky u. chylous u
nebulous u. cloudy u
residual u. u. remaining in the bladder at the end of micturition in cases of prostatic obstruction, bladder atony, etc.


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