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uterus, pl. uteri (yu´ter-us, yu´ter-I) [NA]

The hollow muscular organ in which the impregnated ovum is developed into the child; it is about 7.5 cm in length in the nonpregnant woman, and consists of a main portion (body) with an elongated lower part (neck), at the extremity of which is the opening (os). The upper rounded portion of the u., opposite the os, is the fundus, at each extremity of which is the horn marking the part where the uterine tube joins the u. and through which the ovum reaches the uterine cavity after leaving the ovary. The organ is supported in the pelvic cavity by the broad ligaments, round ligaments, cardinal ligaments, and rectouterine and vesicouterine folds or ligaments.metra, womb; [L.]
u. acol´lis a u. with atresia or absence of the cervix.
anomalous u. a malformed u. caused by abnormal development or fusion of the paramesonephric ducts.
arcuate u. a u. with a depression at the fundus; an incomplete u. bicornis.u. arcuatus;
u. arcua´tus arcuate u
bicornate u. a u. that is more or less completely divided into two lateral horns as a result of imperfect fusion of the paramesonephric ducts; it differs from septate u., in which there is no external mark of separation; in u. bicornis, the cervix may be single (u. bicornate unicollis) or double (u. bicornate bicollis).bifid u., u. bicornis, u. bifidus;
u. bicornate bicollis See bicornate u.
u. bicornate unicollis See bicornate u.
u. bicor´nis bicornate u
bifid u. bicornate u
u. bi´fidus bicornate u
biforate u. septate u. in which the cervix is divided into two by a septum.double-mouthed u., u. biforis;
u. bifor´is biforate u
u. bilocula´ris septate u
u. biparti´tus septate u
bipartite u. septate u
capped u. a condition of tonic contraction of the fundus musculature of the u.
cordiform u. an incomplete u. bicornis with a wedge-shaped depression at the fundus.heart-shaped u., u. cordiformis;
u. cordiform´is cordiform u
Couvelaire u. extravasation of blood into the uterine musculature and beneath the uterine peritoneum in association with severe forms of abruptio placentae.uteroplacental apoplexy;
u. didel´phys double u. with double cervix and double vagina; due to failure of the paramesonephric ducts to unite. [G. di-, two, + delphys, womb]
double-mouthed u. biforate u
duplex u. any u. with double lumen (u. didelphys, u. bicornis bicollis, or septate u.).u. duplex;
u. du´plex duplex u
gravid u. the condition of the u. in pregnancy.
heart-shaped u. cordiform u
incudiform u. u. bicornis in which the fundus between the two cornua is broad and flat.triangular u., u. incudiformis, u. triangularis;
u. incudiform´is incudiform u
masculine u. prostatic utricle
u. masculi´nus prostatic utricle
one-horned u. obsolete term for unicorn u.
u. parvicol´lis a u. of normal size with an abnormal, disproportionately small cervix.
septate u. a u. divided into two cavities by an anteroposterior septum.bipartite u., u. bilocularis, u. bipartitus, u. septus;
u. sep´tus septate u
subseptate u. an incomplete u. septus.u. subseptus;
u. subsep´tus subseptate u
triangular u. incudiform u
u. triangula´ris incudiform u
unicorn u. a u. in which only one lateral half exists, the other half being undeveloped or absent.u. unicornis;
u. unicor´nis unicorn u


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