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value (val´yu)

A particular quantitative determination. For v.'s not given below, see the specific name. See also index, number. [M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. valeo, to be of value]
acetyl v. the milligrams of KOH required to neutralize the acetic acid produced by the hydrolysis of 1 g of acetylated fat; a measure of the hydroxy acids present in glycerides; notably high in castor oil.
buffer v. the power of a substance in solution to absorb acid or alkali without change in pH; this is highest at a pH value equal to the pKa value of the acid of the buffer pair. See also buffer capacity.buffer index;
buffer v. of the blood the ability of the blood to compensate for additions of acid or alkali without disturbance of the pH.
C v. the total amount of DNA in a haploid genome.
caloric v. the heat evolved by a food when burnt or metabolized.
Hehner v. Hehner number
homing v. in a cybernetic system such as homeostasis, that v. of a trait of interest that the restorative forces are directed towards maintaining.
iodine v. iodine number
maturation v. an indicator of the level of maturation attained by vaginal epithelium and used as a factor in cytohormonal evaluation from the maturation index by valuing the parabasal cells at 0.0, the intermediate cells at 0.5, and the superficial cells at 1.0; for special investigations, subtypes of a major cell can be given different v.'s.
normal v.'s a set of laboratory test v.'s used to characterize apparently healthy individuals; now replaced by reference v.'s.
pH v. See Ph.
phenotypic v. in quantitative genetics, the metrical quantity of some trait associated with a particular phenotype.
predictive v. an expresion of the likelihood that a given test result correlates with the presence or absence of disease. A positive predictive v. is the ratio of patients with the disease who test positive to the entire population of individuals with a positive test result; a negative predictive v. is the ratio of patients without the disease who test negative to the entire population of individuals with a negative test.
Rf v. See Rf.
reference v.'s a set of laboratory test v.'s obtained from an individual or group in a defined state of health; this term replaces normal v.'s, since it is based on a defined state of health rather than on apparent health.
thiocyanogen v. thiocyanogen number
threshold limit v. (TLV) the maximum concentration of a chemical recommended by the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists for repeated exposure without adverse health effects on workers.


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