valve (valv)

1. A fold of the lining membrane of a canal or other hollow organ serving to retard or prevent a reflux of fluid. 2. Any reduplication of tissue or flaplike structure resembling a v. See also valvule, plica.valva [NA]; [L. valva]
Amussat's v. spiral fold of cystic duct
anal v.'s delicate crescent-shaped mucosal folds that pass between the lower ends of neighboring anal columns; the small pocket thus formed is an anal sinus.valvulae anales [NA], Morgagni's v.'s;
anterior urethral v. a crescentic horizontal fold in the proximal spongy urethra.
aortic v. the v. between the left ventricle and the ascending aorta, consisting of three fibrous semilunar cusps (valvules), located in the adult in anterior, right posterior, and left posterior positions; they are named, however, in accordance with their embryonic derivation in which the anteriorly-located cusp is the right cusp (above which the right coronary artery arises), the left posteriorly-positioned cusp is designated as the left cusp (above which the left coronary artery arises), and the right posteriorly-positioned cusp is designated as the posterior or non-coronary cusp.valva aortae [NA];
atrioventricular v.'s See tricuspid v., mitral v.
A-V v.'s abbreviation for the cardiac atrioventricular valves; the mitral and tricuspid valves.
ball v. any of a variety of prosthetic cardiac v.'s comprised of a ball within a retaining cage affixed to the orifice; when appropriately sized, used in aortic, mitral, or tricuspid position.
Bauhin's v. ileocecal v
Béraud's v. a small fold in the interior of the lacrimal sac at its junction with the lacrimal duct.Krause's v;
Bianchi's v. lacrimal fold
bicuspid v. mitral v
bi-leaflet v. a low profile mechanical heart v. that is less obstructive to outflow, especially in small size.
Bjork-Shiley v. a low profile tilting disc mechanical heart v.
Bochdalek's v. a fold of mucous membrane in the lacrimal canaliculus at the lacrimal punctum.Foltz' valvule;
Braune's v. a fold of mucous membrane at the junction of the esophagus with the stomach.
Carpentier-Edwards v. a bioprosthetic v. made from preserved porcine aortic v.'s.
caval v. v. of inferior vena cava
congenital v. an abnormal lining fold obstructing a passage; e.g., of a mucous membrane in the urethra.
coronary v. v. of coronary sinus
v. of coronary sinus a delicate fold of endocardium at the opening of the coronary sinus into the right atrium.valvula sinus coronarii [NA], coronary v., thebesian v;
eustachian v. v. of inferior vena cava
v. of foramen ovale a fold projecting into the left atrium from the margin of the foramen ovale in the fetus; when, with beginning inspiration, the blood pressure within the left atrium increases, the valve closes and its edges become adherent to the margin of the foramen ovale, occluding it.valvula foraminis ovalis [NA], falx septi [NA], v. of oval foramen;
Gerlach's v. v. of vermiform appendix
Guérin's v. v. of navicular fossa
Hasner's v. lacrimal fold
Heister's v. spiral fold of cystic duct
Heyer-Pudenz v. a v. used in the shunting procedure for hydrocephaly; consisting of a catheter-v. system in which the ventricular catheter leads the cerebrospinal fluid into a one-way pump through which the cerebrospinal fluid passes down the distal catheter into the right atrium of the heart.
Hoboken's v.'s the flangelike protrusions into the lumen of the umbilical arteries where they are twisted or kinked in their course through the umbilical cord.
Houston's v.'s transverse rectal folds, under fold
Huschke's v. lacrimal fold
ileocecal v. the bilabial prominence of the terminal ileum into the large intestine at the cecocolic junction as seen in cadavers; in the living individual it appears as a truncated cone with a star-shaped orifice.valva ileocecalis [NA], Bauhin's v., ileocecal eminence, ileocolic v., Tulp's v., Tulpius' v., v. of Varolius;
ileocolic v. ileocecal v
v. of inferior vena cava an endocardial fold extending from the anterior inferior margin of the inferior vena cava to the anterior part of the limbus fossa ovalis.valvula venae cavae inferioris [NA], caval v., eustachian v., sylvian v;
Kerckring's v.'s plicae circulares, under plica
Kohlrausch's v.'s transverse rectal folds, under fold
Krause's v. Béraud's v
left atrioventricular v. mitral v
Mercier's v. an occasional fold of mucosa of the bladder partially occluding the ureteral orifice.
mitral v. the v. closing the orifice between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart; its two cusps are called anterior and posterior.valva atrioventricularis sinistra [NA], bicuspid v., left atrioventricular v., valva mitralis, valvula bicuspidalis;
Morgagni's v.'s anal v.'s
nasal v. the variable aperture between the nasal septum and the moveable inferior margin of the lower lateral nasal cartilage.
v. of navicular fossa a fold of mucous membrane sometimes found in the root of the navicular fossa of the urethra.valvula fossae navicularis [NA], Guérin's fold, Guérin's v;
nonrebreathing v. a type of v. that prevents mixture of inhaled and exhaled gases.
O'Beirne's v. rectosigmoid sphincter
v. of oval foramen v. of foramen ovale
parachute mitral v. congenital deformity of the mitral v. characterized by the presence of a single papillary muscle from which the chordae of both v. leaflets divide; thus the resemblance to a parachute; the condition often produces a stenosis as the combined result of the tugging action of the chordae on and the subsequent narrowing between the leaflets.parachute deformity;
porcine v. tissue v
posterior urethral v.'s anomalous folds occurring at the level of the seminal colliculus.Amussat's valvula;
prosthetic v.'s v.'s used to replace human v.'s. They are divided into mechanical and tissue v.'s. The tissue is divided into homografts and heterografts. There are many different types of prosthetic v.'s, including the Saint Jude v., Hancock v., Starr-Edwards v., and Carpentier-Edwards v.
pulmonary v. the v. at the entrance to the pulmonary trunk from the right ventricle; it consists of semilunar cusps (valvules) which are usually arranged in the adult in right anterior, left anterior, and posterior positions; however, they are named in accordance with their embryonic derivation; thus the posteriorly-located cusp is designated as the left cusp, the right anteriorly-located cusp is designated the right cusp and the left anteriorly-positioned cusp is called the anterior cusp.valva trunci pulmonalis [NA], pulmonic v., v. of pulmonary trunk;
v. of pulmonary trunk pulmonary v
pulmonic v. pulmonary v
pyloric v. pyloric constriction
rectal v.'s transverse rectal folds, under fold
reducing v. a v. designed to lower the pressure of a gas coming from a cylinder containing compressed gas under high pressure.
right atrioventricular v. tricuspid v
Rosenmüller's v. lacrimal fold
semilunar v. 1. a heart v. comprised of a set of three semilunar cusps (valvules); hence both the aortic and pulmonary valves are semilunar v.'s.valvula semilunaris [NA];
spiral v. of cystic duct spiral fold of cystic duct
Starr-Edwards v. a cage and ball artificial cardiac valve with high reliability and durability.
sylvian v. v. of inferior vena cava
Tarin's v. inferior medullary velum
Terrien's v. a valvelike fold between the gallbladder and the cystic duct; the first ridge of the spiral fold of the cystic duct.
thebesian v. v. of coronary sinus
tilting disc v. a variety of prosthetic cardiac v. composed of one or two discs within a retaining device.
tissue v. a prosthetic cardiac v. derived from the pig heart, which is preserved and sterilized with glutaraldehyde, and permanently sutured to a shape-retaining artificial strut; in appropriate sizes, it can replace any natural heart v.porcine v;
tricuspid v. the v. closing the orifice between the right atrium and right ventricle of the heart; its three cusps are called anterior, posterior, and septal.valva atrioventricularis dextra [NA], right atrioventricular v., valva tricuspidalis, valvula tricuspidalis;
Tulp's v. , Tulpius' v. ileocecal v
urethral v.'s folds in the urethral mucous membrane. See also anterior urethral v., posterior urethral v.'s.
v. of Varolius ileocecal v
venous v. a fold of the lining layer of a vein to prevent a reflux of blood.valvula venosa (2);
v. of vermiform appendix a fold of mucous membrane, simulating a v., sometimes found at the origin of the vermiform appendix.Gerlach's v., valvula processus vermiformis;
vesicoureteral v. a lock mechanism in the wall of the intravesical portion of the ureter that normally prevents urinary reflux.
v. of Vieussens a prominent v. in the great cardiac vein where it turns around the obtuse margin to become the coronary sinus.
Vieussens' v. superior medullary velum


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