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balance (bal´ans)

1. An apparatus for weighing; e.g., scales. 2. The normal state of action and reaction between two or more parts or organs of the body. 3. Quantities, concentrations, and proportionate amounts of bodily constituents. 4. The difference between intake and utilization, storage, or excretion of a substance by the body. See also equilibrium. [L. bi-, twice, + lanx, dish, scale]
acid-base b. the normal b. between acid and base in the blood plasma, expressed in the hydrogen ion concentration or pH, resulting from the relative amounts of acidic and basic materials ingested and produced by body metabolism, compared to the relative amounts of acidic and basic materials excreted from the body and consumed by body metabolism; the normal state of acid-base b. is not one of neutrality, with equal concentrations of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, but a more alkaline state with a certain excess of hydroxyl ions.acid-base equilibrium;
nitrogen b. the difference between the total nitrogen intake by an organism and its total nitrogen loss. A normal, healthy adult has a zero nitrogen b., Nin > Nout (i.e., a positive nitrogen b.
occlusal b. a condition in which there are simultaneous contacts of the occluding units of the opposing dental arches in centric and eccentric positions within the functional range.
Wilhelmy b. a device for measuring surface tension in terms of the pull exerted on a thin plate of platinum or other material suspended vertically through the surface; used in a Langmuir trough to study pulmonary surfactant.


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