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vena, gen and pl. venae (ve´na, -ne) [NA]

vein [L.]
v. ad´vehens, pl. ve´nae advehen´tes collective term for a series of branching channels in the early embryo receiving blood from the umbilical and/or vitelline venous systems and passing the mixed blood to the sinusoids of the liver; they become terminal branches of the hepatic portal vein.v. afferentes hepatis;
v. afferen´tes hepa´tis v. advehens
v. anastomot´ica infe´rior [NA] inferior anastomotic vein
v. anastomot´ica supe´rior [NA] superior anastomotic vein
v. angula´ris [NA] angular vein
v. appendicula´ris [NA] appendicular vein
v. aqueduc´tus coch´leae [NA] vein of cochlear canaliculus
v. aqueduc´tus vestib´uli [NA] vein of vestibular aqueduct
ve´nae arcua´tae re´nis [NA] arcuate veins of kidney, under vein
v. arterio´sa arterial vein
ve´nae articula´res temporomandibula´res veins of temporomandibular joint, under vein
v. a´trii latera´lis [NA] a vein draining deep portions of the temporal and parietal lobes; it runs in the lateral wall of the lateral ventricle to terminate in the superior thalamostriate vein.v. ventriculi lateralis lateralis [NA], lateral atrial vein, lateral vein of lateral ventricle;
v. a´trii media´lis [NA] a vein that drains deep portions of the parietal and occipital lobes; it runs in the medial wall of the lateral ventricle to empty into the internal cerebral vein or the great cerebral vein.v. ventriculi lateralis medialis [NA], medial atrial vein, medial vein of lateral ventricle;
v. auricula´ris ante´rior [NA] anterior auricular vein
v. auricula´ris poste´rior [NA] posterior auricular vein
v. axilla´ris [NA] axillary vein
v. az´ygos [NA] azygos vein
v. az´ygos ma´jor azygos vein
v. az´ygos mi´nor infe´rior hemiazygos vein
v. az´ygos mi´nor supe´rior accessory hemiazygos vein
v. basa´lis [NA] basal vein of Rosenthal
v. basa´lis commu´nis [NA] common basal vein
v. basa´lis infe´rior [NA] inferior basal vein
v. basa´lis supe´rior [NA] superior basal vein
v. basil´ica [NA] basilic vein
v. basivertebra´lis [NA] basivertebral vein
Billroth's venae cavernosae venae cavernosae of spleen
ve´nae brachia´les [NA] brachial veins, under vein
ve´nae brachiocephal´icae [NA] brachiocephalic veins, under vein
ve´nae bronchia´les [NA] bronchial veins, under vein
v. bul´bi pe´nis [NA] vein of bulb of penis
v. bul´bi vestib´uli [NA] vein of vestibular bulb
v. canalic´uli coch´leae vein of cochlear canaliculus
v. cana´lis pterygoi´dei [NA] vein of pterygoid canal
v. cardi´aca mag´na great cardiac vein
v. ca´va infe´rior [NA] inferior v. cava
v. ca´va supe´rior [NA] superior v. cava
ve´nae caverno´sae pe´nis [NA] cavernous veins of penis, under vein
ve´nae centra´les hep´atis [NA] central veins of liver, under vein
v. centra´lis glan´dulae suprarena´lis [NA] central vein of suprarenal gland
v. centra´lis ret´inae [NA] central vein of retina
v. cephal´ica [NA] cephalic vein
v. cephal´ica accesso´ria [NA] accessory cephalic vein
ve´nae cerebel´li [NA] cerebellar veins, under vein
ve´nae cerebel´li inferio´res See inferior veins of cerebellar hemisphere, under vein.
ve´nae cerebel´li superio´res See superior veins of cerebellar hemisphere, under vein.
v. cer´ebri ante´rior [NA] anterior cerebral vein
ve´nae cer´ebri inferio´res [NA] inferior cerebral veins, under vein
ve´nae cer´ebri inter´nae [NA] internal cerebral veins, under vein
v. cer´ebri mag´na [NA] great cerebral vein of Galen
v. cer´ebri me´dia profun´da [NA] deep middle cerebral vein
v. cer´ebri me´dia superficia´lis [NA] superficial middle cerebral vein
ve´nae cer´ebri profun´dae [NA] deep cerebral veins, under vein
ve´nae cer´ebri superficia´les [NA] superficial cerebral veins, under vein
ve´nae cer´ebri superio´res [NA] superior cerebral veins, under vein
v. cervica´lis profun´da [NA] deep cervical vein
ve´nae choroi´deae oc´uli [NA] * official alternate term for vortex veins, under vein
v. choroi´dea infe´rior [NA] inferior choroid vein
v. choroi´dea supe´rior [NA] superior choroid vein
ve´nae cilia´res [NA] ciliary veins, under vein
ve´nae circumflex´ae fem´oris latera´les [NA] lateral circumflex femoral veins, under vein
ve´nae circumflex´ae fem´oris media´les [NA] medial circumflex femoral veins, under vein
v. circumflex´a ili´aca profun´da [NA] deep circumflex iliac vein
v. circumflex´a ili´aca superficia´lis [NA] superficial circumflex iliac vein
v. col´ica dex´tra [NA] right colic vein
v. col´ica me´dia [NA] middle colic vein
v. col´ica sinis´tra [NA] left colic vein
ve´nae colum´nae vertebra´lis [NA] veins of vertebral column, under vein
v. com´itans [NA] a vein accompanying another structure.accompanying vein, companion vein;
v. com´itans ner´vi hypoglos´si [NA] runs with the hypoglossal nerve below and lateral to the hyoglossus muscle, emptying usually into the lingual vein.accompanying vein of hypoglossal nerve;
ve´nae comitan´tes [NA] a pair of veins, occasionally more, that closely accompany an artery in such a manner that the pulsations of the artery aid venous return.companion veins;
ve´nae conjunctiva´les [NA] conjunctival veins, under vein
ve´nae cor´dis anterio´res [NA] anterior cardiac veins, under vein
v. cor´dis mag´na [NA] great cardiac vein
v. cor´dis me´dia [NA] middle cardiac vein
ve´nae cor´dis min´imae [NA] numerous small valveless venous channels that open directly into the chambers of the heart from the capillary bed in the cardiac wall, enabling a form of collateral circulation unique to the heart.smallest cardiac veins, thebesian veins;
v. cor´dis par´va [NA] small cardiac vein
v. cor´nus posterio´ris [NA] a small vein draining the surface region of the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle; it is a tributary to the great cerebral vein.vein of posterior horn;
v. corona´ria ventric´uli left gastric vein
v. cor´poris callo´si dorsa´lis [NA] it originates on the superior surface of the corpus callosum and runs posteriorly to terminate in the great cerebral vein.dorsal callosal vein, dorsal vein of corpus callosum, posterior marginal vein, posterior pericallosal vein;
v. cuta´nea [NA] superficial vein
v. cys´tica [NA] cystic vein
ve´nae digita´les dorsa´les pe´dis [NA] dorsal digital veins of foot, under vein
ve´nae digita´les palma´res [NA] palmar digital veins, under vein
ve´nae digita´les planta´res [NA] plantar digital veins, under vein
v. diplo´ica [NA] diploic vein
ve´nae direc´tae latera´les [NA] one or more veins running a subependymal course in a coronal plane over the thalamus, terminating in the internal cerebral vein.lateral direct veins, surface thalamic veins;
ve´nae dorsa´les clitor´idis superficia´les [NA] superficial dorsal veins of clitoris, under vein
venae dorsa´les lin´guae [NA] dorsal lingual vein
ve´nae dorsa´les pe´nis superficia´les [NA] superficial dorsal veins of penis, under vein
v. dorsa´lis clitor´idis profun´da [NA] deep dorsal vein of clitoris
v. dorsa´lis pe´nis profun´da [NA] deep dorsal vein of penis
v. emissa´ria, pl. ve´nae emissa´riae [NA] emissary vein
v. emissa´ria condyla´ris [NA] condylar emissary vein
v. emissa´ria mastoi´dea [NA] mastoid emissary vein
v. emissa´ria occipita´lis [NA] occipital emissary vein
v. emissa´ria parieta´lis [NA] parietal emissary vein
ve´nae epigas´tricae superio´res [NA] superior epigastric veins, under vein
v. epigas´trica infe´rior [NA] inferior epigastric vein
v. epigas´trica superficia´lis [NA] superficial epigastric vein
ve´nae episclera´les [NA] episcleral veins, under vein
ve´nae esopha´geae [NA] esophageal veins, under vein
ve´nae ethmoida´les [NA] ethmoidal veins, under vein
v. facia´lis facial vein
v. facia´lis ante´rior facial vein
v. facia´lis commu´nis common facial vein
v. facia´lis poste´rior retromandibular vein
v. facie´i profun´da [NA] deep facial vein
v. femora´lis [NA] femoral vein
ve´nae fibula´res [NA] * official alternate term for peroneal veins, under vein, peroneal veins, under vein
ve´nae fronta´les 1. [NA] supratrochlear veins, under vein 2. supratrochlear veins, under vein
v. gas´trica dex´tra [NA] right gastric vein
ve´nae gas´tricae bre´ves [NA] short gastric veins, under vein
v. gas´trica sinis´tra [NA] left gastric vein
v. gastro-omenta´lis dex´tra [NA] right gastroepiploic vein
v. gastro-omenta´lis sinis´tra [NA] left gastroepiploic vein
ve´nae ge´nus [NA] veins of knee, under vein
ve´nae glu´teae inferio´res [NA] inferior gluteal veins, under vein
ve´nae glu´teae superio´res [NA] superior gluteal veins, under vein
v. gy´ri olfacto´rii [NA] a tributary of the basal vein which drains the medial olfactory stria.vein of olfactory gyrus;
v. hemiaz´ygos [NA] hemiazygos vein
v. hemiaz´ygos accesso´ria [NA] accessory hemiazygos vein
ve´nae hemisphe´rii cerebel´li inferio´res [NA] inferior veins of cerebellar hemisphere, under vein
ve´nae hemisphe´rii cerebel´li superio´res [NA] superior veins of cerebellar hemisphere, under vein
ve´nae hemorrhoida´les inferio´res outmoded term for inferior rectal veins, under vein.
ve´nae hemorrhoida´les me´diae outmoded term for middle rectal veins, under vein.
v. hemorrhoida´lis supe´rior outmoded term for superior rectal vein.
ve´nae hepat´icae [NA] hepatic veins, under vein
ve´nae hepat´icae dex´trae [NA] right hepatic veins, under vein
ve´nae hepat´icae me´diae [NA] middle hepatic veins, under vein
ve´nae hepat´icae sinis´trae [NA] left hepatic veins, under vein
v. hypogas´trica obsolete term for internal iliac vein.
v. ileocol´ica [NA] ileocolic vein
v. ili´aca commu´nis [NA] common iliac vein
v. ili´aca exter´na [NA] external iliac vein
v. ili´aca inter´na [NA] internal iliac vein
v. iliolumba´lis [NA] iliolumbar vein
inferior v. cava (IVC) receives the blood from the lower limbs and the greater part of the pelvic and abdominal organs; it begins at the level of the fifth lumbar vertebra on the right side by the merger of the right and left common iliac veins, pierces the diaphragm at the level of the eighth thoracic vertebra, and empties into the posteroinferior aspect of the right atrium of the heart.v. cava inferior [NA], postcava;
v. innomina´ta archaic term for brachiocephalic veins, under vein.
ve´nae insula´res [NA] veins draining the cortex of the insula, tributaries to the deep middle cerebral vein.insular veins;
ve´nae intercapita´les [NA] intercapitular veins, under vein
ve´nae intercosta´les anterio´res [NA] anterior intercostal veins, under vein
ve´nae intercosta´les posterio´res [NA] posterior intercostal veins, under vein
v. intercosta´lis supe´rior dex´tra [NA] right superior intercostal vein
v. intercosta´lis supe´rior sinis´tra [NA] left superior intercostal vein
v. intercosta´lis supre´ma [NA] highest intercostal vein
ve´nae interloba´res re´nis [NA] interlobar veins of kidney, under vein
ve´nae interlobula´res hep´atis [NA] interlobular veins of liver, under vein
ve´nae interlobula´res re´nis [NA] interlobular veins of kidney, under vein
v. interme´dia antebra´chii [NA] median antebrachial vein
v. interme´dia basil´ica [NA] intermediate basilic vein
v. interme´dia cephal´ica [NA] intermediate cephalic vein
v. interme´dia cu´biti [NA] median cubital vein
v. intervertebra´lis [NA] intervertebral vein
ve´nae jejuna´les et il´ei [NA] jejunal and ileal veins, under vein
v. jugula´ris ante´rior [NA] anterior jugular vein
v. jugula´ris exter´na [NA] external jugular vein
v. jugula´ris inter´na [NA] internal jugular vein
ve´nae labia´les anterio´res [NA] anterior labial veins, under vein
ve´nae labia´les posterio´res [NA] posterior labial veins, under vein
v. labia´lis infe´rior [NA] inferior labial vein
v. labia´lis supe´rior [NA] superior labial vein
ve´nae labyrin´thi [NA] labyrinthine veins, under vein
v. lacrima´lis [NA] lacrimal vein
v. laryn´gea infe´rior [NA] inferior laryngeal vein
v. laryn´gea supe´rior [NA] superior laryngeal vein
v. liena´lis splenic vein
v. lingua´lis [NA] lingual vein
ve´nae lumba´les [NA] lumbar veins, under vein
v. lumba´lis ascen´dens [NA] ascending lumbar vein
v. mamma´ria inter´na obsolete term for internal thoracic vein.
v. maxilla´ris, pl. ve´nae maxilla´res [NA] maxillary vein
v. media´na antebra´chii median antebrachial vein
v. media´na basil´ica intermediate basilic vein
v. media´na cephal´ica intermediate cephalic vein
v. media´na cu´biti median cubital vein
ve´nae mediastina´les [NA] mediastinal veins, under vein
ve´nae medul´lae oblonga´tae [NA] several veins draining the medulla oblongata; they are tributaries of the anterior spinal vein and the petrosal vein.veins of medulla oblongata;
ve´nae menin´geae [NA] meningeal veins, under vein
ve´nae menin´geae me´diae [NA] middle meningeal veins, under vein
ve´nae mesencephal´icae [NA] several veins draining the mesencephalon; the posterior ones are tributaries to the great cerebral vein; the lateral ones are tributaries to the basal vein.mesencephalic veins;
v. mesenter´ica infe´rior [NA] inferior mesenteric vein
v. mesenter´ica supe´rior [NA] superior mesenteric vein
ve´nae metacar´peae dorsa´les [NA] dorsal metacarpal veins, under vein
ve´nae metacar´peae palma´res [NA] palmar metacarpal veins, under vein
ve´nae metatar´seae dorsa´les [NA] dorsal metatarsal veins, under vein
ve´nae metatar´seae planta´res [NA] plantar metatarsal veins, under vein
ve´nae mus´culophren´icae [NA] musculophrenic veins, under vein
ve´nae nasa´les exter´nae [NA] external nasal veins, under vein
v. nasofronta´lis [NA] nasofrontal vein
ve´nae nu´clei cauda´ti [NA] small veins from the caudate nucleus draining into the superior thalamostriate vein.veins of caudate nucleus;
v. obli´qua a´trii sinis´tri [NA] oblique vein of left atrium
v. obturato´ria, pl. ve´nae obturato´riae [NA] obturator vein
ve´nae occipita´les [NA] occipital cerebral veins, under vein
v. occipita´lis [NA] occipital vein
v. ophthal´mica infe´rior [NA] inferior ophthalmic vein
v. ophthal´mica supe´rior [NA] superior ophthalmic vein
v. ova´rica dex´tra [NA] right ovarian vein
v. ova´rica sinis´tra [NA] left ovarian vein
v. palati´na [NA] palatine vein
ve´nae palpebra´les [NA] palpebral veins, under vein
ve´nae palpebra´les inferio´res [NA] inferior palpebral veins, under vein
ve´nae palpebra´les superio´res [NA] superior palpebral veins, under vein
ve´nae pancreat´icae [NA] pancreatic veins, under vein
ve´nae pancreat´icoduodena´les [NA] pancreaticoduodenal veins, under vein
ve´nae paraumbilica´les [NA] paraumbilical veins, under vein
ve´nae parieta´les [NA] parietal veins, under vein
ve´nae parotid´ea [NA] parotid veins, under vein
ve´nae pectora´les [NA] pectoral veins, under vein
ve´nae peduncula´res [NA] small tributaries of the basal vein from the cerebral peduncle.peduncular veins;
ve´nae perforan´tes [NA] perforating veins, under vein
ve´nae pericardi´acae [NA] pericardial veins, under vein
ve´nae pericardiacophren´icae [NA] pericardiacophrenic veins, under vein
ve´nae perone´ae [NA] peroneal veins, under vein
v. petro´sa [NA] petrosal vein
ve´nae pharyn´geae [NA] pharyngeal veins, under vein
ve´nae phren´icae superio´res [NA] superior phrenic veins, under vein
v. phren´ica infe´rior, pl. ve´nae phren´icae inferio´res [NA] inferior phrenic vein
ve´nae pon´tis [NA] pontine veins, under vein
v. pontomesencephal´ica ante´rior [NA] a vein in the midline of the interpeduncular fossa on the superior and anterior aspects of the pons; it communicates with the basal vein superiorly and the petrosal vein inferiorly.anterior pontomesencephalic vein;
v. poplit´ea [NA] popliteal vein
v. por´tae hep´atis [NA] portal vein
v. porta´lis portal vein
v. poste´rior ventric´uli sinis´tri [NA] posterior vein of left ventricle
v. preauricula´ris anterior auricular vein
v. precentra´lis cerebel´li [NA] precentral cerebellar vein
ve´nae prefronta´les [NA] the superficial veins draining the prefrontal cerebral cortex and emptying into the superior sagittal sinus.prefrontal veins;
v. prepylo´rica [NA] prepyloric vein
ve´nae profun´dae clitor´idis [NA] deep veins of clitoris, under vein
v. profun´da fem´oris [NA] deep femoral vein
v. profun´da lin´guae [NA] deep lingual vein
v. profun´da pe´nis [NA] deep vein of penis
ve´nae puden´dae exter´nae [NA] external pudendal veins, under vein
v. puden´da inter´na [NA] internal pudendal vein
ve´nae pulmona´les [NA] pulmonary veins, under vein
v. pulmona´lis infe´rior dex´tra [NA] right inferior pulmonary vein
v. pulmona´lis infe´rior sinis´tra [NA] left inferior pulmonary vein
v. pulmona´lis supe´rior dex´tra [NA] right superior pulmonary vein
v. pulmona´lis supe´rior sinis´tra [NA] left superior pulmonary vein
ve´nae radia´les [NA] radial veins, under vein
v. reces´sus latera´lis ventric´uli quar´ti [NA] a small vein originating in the cerebellar tonsil, coursing by the lateral recess of the fourth ventricle on its way to terminate in the petrosal vein.vein of lateral recess of fourth ventricle;
ve´nae rec´tae the ascending limbs of the vasa rectae in the renal medulla.
ve´nae recta´les inferio´res [NA] inferior rectal veins, under vein
ve´nae recta´les me´diae [NA] middle rectal veins, under vein
v. recta´lis supe´rior [NA] superior rectal vein
ve´nae rena´les [NA] renal veins, under vein
ve´nae re´nis [NA] veins of kidney, under vein
v. retromandibula´ris [NA] retromandibular vein
v. re´vehens, pl. ve´nae revehen´tes veins in the embryo, passing from the sinusoid vessels in the liver to the inferior v. cava, that develop into the hepatic veins.
ve´nae sacra´les latera´les [NA] lateral sacral veins, under vein
v. sacra´lis media´na [NA] median sacral vein
v. saphe´na accesso´ria [NA] accessory saphenous vein
v. saphe´na mag´na [NA] great saphenous vein
v. saphe´na par´va [NA] small saphenous vein
v. scapula´ris dorsa´lis [NA] dorsal scapular vein
ve´nae sclera´les [NA] scleral veins, under vein
ve´nae scrota´les anterio´res [NA] anterior scrotal veins, under vein
ve´nae scrota´les posterio´res [NA] posterior scrotal veins, under vein
v. sep´ti pellu´cidi ante´rior [NA] anterior vein of septum pellucidum
v. sep´ti pellu´cidi poste´rior [NA] posterior vein of septum pellucidum
ve´nae sigmoi´deae [NA] sigmoid veins, under vein
ve´nae spina´les [NA] spinal veins, under vein
v. spira´lis modi´oli [NA] spiral vein of modiolus
venae cavernosae of spleen small tributaries of the splenic vein in the pulp of the spleen.Billroth's venae cavernosae;
v. sple´nica [NA] splenic vein
ve´nae stella´tae venulae stellatae, under venula
v. sternocleidomastoi´dea [NA] sternocleidomastoid vein
ve´nae stria´tae inferior thalamostriate veins, under vein
v. stylomastoi´dea [NA] stylomastoid vein
v. subcla´via [NA] subclavian vein
ve´nae subcuta´neae abdom´inis [NA] subcutaneous veins of abdomen, under vein
v. sublingua´lis [NA] sublingual vein
v. submenta´lis [NA] submental vein
superior v. cava returns blood from the head and neck, upper limbs, and thorax to the posterosuperior aspect of the right atrium; formed in the superior mediastinum by union of the two brachiocephalic veins.v. cava superior [NA], precava;
v. supraorbita´lis [NA] supraorbital vein
v. suprarena´lis dex´tra [NA] right suprarenal vein
v. suprarena´lis sinis´tra [NA] left suprarenal vein
v. suprascapula´ris [NA] suprascapular vein
ve´nae supratrochlea´res [NA] supratrochlear veins, under vein
ve´nae tempora´les profun´dae [NA] deep temporal veins, under vein
ve´nae tempora´les superficia´les [NA] superficial temporal veins, under vein
v. tempora´lis me´dia [NA] middle temporal vein
v. termina´lis [NA] superior thalamostriate vein
v. testicula´ris dex´tra [NA] right testicular vein
v. testicula´ris sinis´tra [NA] left testicular vein
ve´nae thalamostria´tae inferio´res [NA] inferior thalamostriate veins, under vein
v. thalamostria´ta supe´rior [NA] superior thalamostriate vein
v. thora´cica inter´na, pl. ve´nae thora´cicae inter´nae [NA] internal thoracic vein
v. thora´cica latera´lis [NA] lateral thoracic vein
v. thoracoacromia´lis [NA] thoracoacromial vein
v. thoracoepigas´trica, pl. ve´nae thoracoepigas´tricae [NA] thoracoepigastric vein
ve´nae thy´micae [NA] thymic veins, under vein
v. thyroi´dea i´ma inferior thyroid vein
v. thyroi´dea infe´rior [NA] inferior thyroid vein
v. thyroi´dea me´dia [NA] middle thyroid vein
v. thyroi´dea supe´rior [NA] superior thyroid vein
ve´nae tibia´les anterio´res [NA] anterior tibial veins, under vein
ve´nae tibia´les posterio´res [NA] posterior tibial veins, under vein
ve´nae trachea´les [NA] tracheal veins, under vein
ve´nae transver´sae col´li [NA] transverse cervical veins, under vein
v. transver´sa facie´i [NA] transverse facial vein
v. transver´sa scap´ulae suprascapular vein
ve´nae tympan´icae [NA] tympanic veins, under vein
ve´nae ulna´res [NA] ulnar veins, under vein
v. umbilica´lis sinis´tra [NA] left umbilical vein
v. un´ci [NA] a vein draining the uncus into the inferior cerebral vein of the same side.vein of uncus;
ve´nae uteri´nae [NA] uterine veins, under vein
v. ventricula´ris infe´rior [NA] vein draining the deep white matter of the superior and lateral portions of the temporal lobe; it begins in the body of the lateral ventricle and exits from the choroid fissure of the inferior horn where it joins the basal vein.inferior ventricular vein;
v. ventric´uli latera´lis latera´lis [NA] v. atrii lateralis
v. ventric´uli latera´lis media´lis [NA] v. atrii medialis
v. ver´mis infe´rior [NA] inferior vein of vermis
v. ver´mis supe´rior [NA] superior vein of vermis
v. vertebra´lis [NA] vertebral vein
v. vertebra´lis accesso´ria [NA] accessory vertebral vein
v. vertebra´lis ante´rior [NA] anterior vertebral vein
ve´nae vesica´les [NA] vesical veins, under vein
ve´nae vestibula´res [NA] vestibular veins, under vein
v. vitelli´na vitelline vein
ve´nae vortico´sae [NA] vortex veins, under vein


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