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vertebra, gen and pl. vertebrae (ver´te-bra, -bre) [NA]

One of the segments of the spinal column; in man there are usually 33 vertebrae, 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral (fused into one bone, the sacrum), and 4 coccygeal (fused into one bone, the coccyx). [L. joint, fr. verto, to turn]
basilar v. the lowest lumbar v.
block vertebrae congenitally fused and hypoplastic vertebral bodies which, on radiographs, give the appearance of a more or less solid bony mass. See Klippel-Feil syndrome.
butterfly v. a hemivertebra or sagittally cleft v. that has a butterfly configuration on frontal radiographs; congenital in origin.
caudal vertebrae the vertebrae that form the skeleton of the tail.
cervical vertebrae the seven segments of the vertebral column located in the neck.vertebrae cervicales [NA];
ver´tebrae cervica´les [NA] cervical vertebrae
ver´tebrae coccyg´eae [NA] coccygeal vertebrae
coccygeal vertebrae [Co-1-Co-4]; the four terminal segments of the vertebral column, usually fused to form the coccyx.vertebrae coccygeae [NA], tail vertebrae;
codfish vertebrae exaggeration of the concavity of the upper and lower end plates of the vertebrae, as demonstrated radiographically in various types of osteopenia.
cranial v. a segment of the skull regarded as homologous with a segment of the vertebral column.
v. denta´ta axis (5)
dorsal vertebrae [L1-L4] an archaic term for thoracic vertebrae.
false vertebrae the fused vertebral segments of the sacrum and coccyx.vertebrae spuriae;
hourglass vertebrae the radiographic appearance of some vertebrae in osteogenesis imperfecta tarda.
H-shape vertebrae sharply delimited depression of the central portion of the endplates of the vertebrae, producing a stocky "H" shape on radiographs, as in sickle cell anemia.
ivory v. a radiographically dense v., usually from metastatic disease, especially lymphoma when solitary.
ver´tebrae lumba´les [NA] lumbar vertebrae
lumbar vertebrae the vertebrae, usually five in number, located in the lumbar region of the back.vertebrae lumbales [NA];
v. mag´na sacrum
odontoid v. axis (5)
picture frame v. radiographically diminished density of trabecular bone with relative preservation of the cortex, a sign of osteopenia.
v. pla´na spondylitis with reduction of vertebral body to a thin disk.
v. prom´inens [NA] the v. in the cervicothoracic region which has the most prominent spinous process (seventh cervical v. in 70% of the cases, sixth in 20%, and first thoracic v. in 10%).nuchal tubercle;
rugger jersey v. appearance of a vertebral body with horizontal sclerotic bands adjacent to the endplates; associated with renal osteodystrophy.
sacral vertebrae [S1-S5] the segments of the vertebral column, usually five in number, that fuse to form the sacrum.vertebrae sacrales [NA];
ver´tebrae sacra´les [NA] sacral vertebrae
ver´tebrae spu´riae false vertebrae
tail vertebrae coccygeal vertebrae
thoracic vertebrae [T1-T12] the segments of the vertebral column, usually twelve, which articulate with ribs to form part of the thoracic cage.vertebrae thoracicae [NA];
ver´tebrae thora´cicae [NA] thoracic vertebrae
toothed v. axis (5)
true v. any one of the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar vertebrae.v. vera;
v. ve´ra true v


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