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vesicle (ves´i-kl)

1. vesicula 2. A small (less than 0.5 cm) circumscribed elevation of the skin containing fluid. See also bleb, blister, bulla. 3. A small sac containing liquid or gas. [L. vesicula, a blister, dim. of vesica, bladder]
acoustic v. auditory v
acrosomal v. a v. derived from the Golgi apparatus during spermiogenesis whose limiting membrane adheres to the nuclear envelope; together with the acrosomal granule within, it spreads in a thin layer over the pole of the nucleus to form the acrosomal cap.
air v.'s pulmonary alveolus
allantoic v. the hollow portion of the allantois.
amniocardiac v. the rostral portion of the most primitive intraembryonic celom.
auditory v. one of the paired sacs of invaginated ectoderm that develop into the membranous labyrinth of the internal ear.acoustic v., otic v;
Baer's v. obsolete term for vesicular ovarian follicle.
blastodermic v. blastocyst
cerebral v. each of the three divisions of the early embryonic brain (prosencephalon, mesencephalon, and rhombencephalon).encephalic v., primary brain v;
cervical v. an abnormally persisting vestige of the cervical sinus or its associated branchial grooves.
coated v. a v. that has its biomembrane coated with the protein clathrin. It is involved in the transport of proteins from one membrane site to another.
encephalic v. cerebral v
forebrain v. prosencephalon
germinal v. archaic term for the nucleus of the ovum.
hindbrain v. rhombencephalon
lens v. in the embryo, the ectodermal invagination that forms opposite the optic cup; it is the primordium of the lens of the eye.lenticular v;
lenticular v. lens v
malpighian v.'s the minute air-filled v.'s on the surface of an expanded lung.
midbrain v. mesencephalon
ocular v. ophthalmic v
ophthalmic v. in the embryo, one of the paired evaginations from the ventrolateral walls of the forebrain from which the sensory and pigment layers of the retina develop.vesicula ophthalmica [NA], ocular v., optic v;
optic v. ophthalmic v
otic v. auditory v
pinocytotic v. a v., a fraction of a micrometer in diameter, containing fluid or solute being ingested into a cell by endocytosis. See also pinocytosis.
primary brain v. cerebral v
seminal v. one of two folded, sacculated, glandular structures which is a diverticulum of the ductus deferens; its secretion is one of the components of the semen; it normally does not store spermatozoa as was thought historically.glandula seminalis [NA], vesicula seminalis [NA], gonecyst, gonecystis, seminal capsule, seminal gland;
synaptic v.'s the small (average diameter 30 nm), intracellular, membrane-bound v.'s near the presynaptic membrane of a synaptic junction, containing the transmitter substance which, in chemical synapses, mediates the passage of nerve impulses across the junction. See also synapse.
telencephalic v. paired diverticula arising from the prosencephalon, from which the forebrain develops.
umbilical v. yolk sac


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