vessel (ves´el)

A structure conveying or containing a fluid, especially a liquid. See also vas. [O. Fr. fr. L. vascellum, dim. of vas]
absorbent v.'s lymph v.'s
afferent v. 1. any artery conveying blood to a part; 2. afferent glomerular arteriole 3. afferent lymphatic
anastomosing v. a v. that establishes a connection between arteries, between veins, or between lymph v.'s.vas anastomoticum [NA];
blood v. See blood vessel.
capillary v. capillary (2) See blood capillary, lymph capillary.
chyle v. lacteal (2)
collateral v. 1. a branch of an artery running parallel with the parent trunk; 2. a v. that runs in parallel with another v., nerve, or other long structure.vas collaterale [NA];
deep lymphatic v. one of the v.'s that drain lymph from the deep structures of the body; they tend to follow the courses of blood v.'s to reach regional lymph nodes.vas lymphaticum profundum [NA];
efferent v. efferent glomerular arteriole
v.'s of internal ear blood v.'s of the internal ear, consisting of the labyrinthine artery and its branches and the labyrinthine veins and their tributaries.vasa auris internae [NA];
lacteal v. lacteal (2)
lymph v.'s the v.'s that convey the lymph; they anastomose freely with each other.vasa lymphatica [NA], absorbent v.'s, lymphatic v.'s, lymphatics;
lymphatic v.'s lymph v.'s
nutrient v. nutrient artery
superficial lymphatic v. one of the lymphatic v.'s that lie in the skin and subcutaneous tissues; they join the deep lymphatic v.'s.vas lymphaticum superficiale [NA];
v.'s of vessels vasa vasorum, under vas
vitelline v.'s See vitelline artery, vitelline vein.


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