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bandage (ban´dij)

1. A piece of cloth or other material, of varying shape and size, applied to a body part to make compression, absorb drainage, prevent motion, retain surgical dressings. 2. To cover a body part by application of a b.
adhesive b. a dressing of plain absorbent gauze affixed to plastic or fabric coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Barton's b. a figure-of-8 b. supporting the mandible below and anteriorly; used in mandibular fracture.
capeline b. a b. covering the head or an amputation stump like a cap. [L. capella, a cap]
circular b. one encircling an extremity, or a portion of it, or the trunk.
cravat b. a b. made by bringing the point of a triangular b. to the middle of the base and then folding lengthwise to the desired width.
crucial b. a b. in the shape of a cross; e.g., a T-b..
demigauntlet b. a gauntlet b. that covers only the hand, leaving the fingers exposed.
Desault's b. a b. for fracture of the clavicle; the elbow is bound to the side, with a pad placed in the axilla.
elastic b. a b. containing stretchable material; used to make local pressure.
Esmarch b. Esmarch tourniquet
figure-of-8 b. a b. applied alternately to two parts, usually two segments of a limb above and below the joint, in such a way that the turns describe the figure 8; used primarily for the treatment of fractures of the clavicle.
four-tailed b. a strip of cloth split in two except for a central portion placed under the chin, with four tails tied over the head; used to limit motion of the mandible.
gauntlet b. a figure-of-8 b. covering the hand and fingers.
gauze b. See gauze.
Gibney's fixation b. herring-bone strapping of the foot and leg for sprain of the ankle.
Gibson's b. a b., resembling Barton's b., for stabilizing a fracture of the mandible.
hammock b. a b. for retaining dressings on the head: the dressings are covered by a wide gauze strip, the ends of which are brought down over the ears and held while a narrow circular b. is passed around the head; the ends of the gauze strip are then turned up over the circular b. and other turns are made securing them firmly.
immovable b. a b. of cloth impregnated with plaster of Paris, liquid glass, or the like, which hardens soon after its application.
Martin's b. a roller b. of soft rubber used to make compression on a limb in the treatment of varicose veins or ulcers.
oblique b. a b. in which the successive turns proceed obliquely up or down the limb.
plaster b. a roller b. impregnated with plaster of Paris and applied moist; used to make a rigid dressing for a fracture or diseased joint.
roller b. a strip of material, of variable width, rolled into a compact cylinder to facilitate its application.
scarf b. triangular b
Scultetus' b. a large oblong cloth, the ends of which are cut into narrow strips, which is applied to the thorax or abdomen, the strips being tied or overlapped and pinned.
spica b. successive strips of material applied to the body and the first part of a limb, or to the hand and a finger, which overlap slightly in a V to resemble an ear of grain. [L. spica, ear of grain]
spiral b. an oblique b. encircling a limb, the successive turns overlapping those preceding.
suspensory b. a bag of expansile fabric for supporting the scrotum and its contents.
T-b. T-binder
triangular b. a piece of cloth cut in the shape of a right-angled triangle, used as a sling.scarf b;
Velpeau's b. a b. which serves to immobilize arm to chest wall, with the forearm positioned obliquely across and upward on front of chest.


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