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vision (vizh´un)

The act of seeing. See also sight. [L. visio, fr. video, pp. visus, to see]
achromatic v. achromatopsia
binocular v. v. with a single image, by both eyes simultaneously.
blue v. cyanopsia
central v. v. stimulated by an object imaged on the fovea v;
chromatic v. chromatopsia
colored v. (VC) chromatopsia
cone v. photopic v
direct v. central v
double v. diplopia
facial v. sensing the proximity of objects by the nerves of the face, presumed in the case of the blind and also in sighted persons who are blindfolded or in darkness.
green v. chloropsia
halo v. a condition in which colored or luminous rings are seen around lights.
haploscopic v. stereoscopic v. produced by the haploscope, or mirror-type stereoscope.
indirect v. peripheral v
multiple v. polyopia
night v. scotopic v
oscillating v. oscillopsia
peripheral v. v. resulting from retinal stimulation beyond the macula.indirect v;
photopic v. v. when the eye is light-adapted. See light adaptation, light-adapted eye.cone v., photopia;
red v. erythropsia
rod v. scotopic v
scotopic v. v. when the eye is dark-adapted. See also dark adaptation, dark-adapted eye.night v., rod v., scotopia, twilight v;
stereoscopic v. the single perception of a slightly different image from each eye.stereopsis;
subjective v. visual impressions that arise centrally and do not originate with ocular stimuli.
tinted v. chromatopsia
triple v. triplopia
tubular v. a constriction of the visual field, as though one were looking through a hollow cylinder or tube.tunnel v;
tunnel v. tubular v
twilight v. scotopic v
yellow v. xanthopsia


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