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voice (voys)

The sound made by air passing out through the larynx and upper respiratory tract, the vocal folds being approximated.vox; [L. vox]
amphoric v. a v. sound having a hollow, blowing character, heard over a pulmonary cavity when the patient speaks or whispers.amphorophony;
bronchial v. bronchophony
cavernous v. the hollow or metallic v. sound heard over a pulmonary cavity.
epigastric v. the delusion of a v. proceeding from the epigastrium.
eunuchoid v. high pitched v. in the adult male resembling the v. of an immature boy; usually functional in origin.
myxedema v. the forced, rough, raucous v. of subjects of myxedema, probably due to myxedematous thickening of the vocal folds.


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