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wound (wund)

1. Trauma to any of the tissues of the body, especially that caused by physical means and with interruption of continuity. 2. A surgical incision. [O.E. wund]
abraded w. abrasion (1)
avulsed w. a w. caused by or resulting from avulsion.
crease w. gutter w
glancing w. gutter w
gunshot w. a w. made with a bullet or other missile projected by a firearm.
gutter w. a tangential w. that makes a furrow without perforating the skin.crease w., glancing w;
incised w. a clean cut, as by a sharp instrument.
nonpenetrating w. injury, especially within the thorax or abdomen, produced without disruption of the surface of the body.
open w. a w. in which the tissues are exposed to the air.
penetrating w. a w. with disruption of the body surface that extends into underlying tissue or into a body cavity.
perforating w. a w. with an entrance and exit opening.
puncture w. a w. in which the opening is relatively small as compared to the depth, as produced by a narrow pointed object.
septic w. a w. that has become infected.
seton w. a tangential perforating w., the entrance and exit openings being on the same side of the body, head, or limb involved.
stab w. a puncture w. produced by the stabbing motion of a knife or similar object.
subcutaneous w. an injury or wound extending below the skin into the subcutaneous tissue, but not affecting underlying bones or organs.
sucking w. open pneumothorax
tangential w. a perforating w. or seton w. that involves only one side of the part.


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