zona, pl. zonae (zo´na, zo´ne)

1. zone 2. herpes zoster [L. fr. G. zone, a girdle, one of the zones of the sphere]
z. arcua´ta arcuate zone
z. cilia´ris ciliary zone
z. coro´na costal fringe
z. dermat´ica a ridge of thickened skin surrounding the protrusion in spina bifida.
z. epitheliosero´sa the membranous ring, within the z. dermatica, surrounding the protrusion in spina bifida.
z. facia´lis herpes zoster involving the face.
z. fascicula´ta the layer of radially arranged cell cords in the cortical portion of the suprarenal gland, between the z. glomerulosa and z. reticularis; secretes cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone.
z. glomerulo´sa the outer layer of the cortex of the suprarenal gland just beneath the capsule; secretes aldosterone.
z. hemorrhoida´lis hemorrhoidal zone
z. ig´nea herpes zoster
z. incer´ta [NA] a flat, obliquely disposed plate of gray matter in the subthalamic region situated between the thalamic fasciculus (tegmental field H1 of Forel) and the lenticular fasciculus (tegmental field H2). Medially, cells of this nucleus are adjacent to the prerubral area (tegmental field H) and, laterally, they are continuous with the reticular nucleus of the thalamus. Z. i. is a derivative of the ventral thalamus; it receives afferents from the precentral motor cortex and the cerebellum.
z. medullovasculo´sa the fissured segment of the spinal cord that dorsally closes the sac in meningomyelocele.
z. ophthal´mica herpes zoster in the distribution of the ophthalmic nerve.
z. orbicula´ris [NA] fibers of the articular capsule of the hip joint encircling the neck of the femur.orbicular zone, ring ligament, zonular band;
z. pectina´ta pectinate zone
z. pellu´cida a layer consisting of microvilli of the oocyte, cellular processes of follicular cells, and an intervening substance rich in glycoprotein; it appears homogeneous and translucent under the light microscope.pellucid zone;
z. perfora´ta foramina nervosa, under foramen
z. pupilla´ris pupillary zone
z. radia´ta z. striata
z. reticula´ris the inner layer of the cortex of the adrenal gland, where the cell cords anastomose in a netlike fashion.
z. serpigino´sa herpes zoster
z. stria´ta the thickened cell membrane of the ovum in forms, such as certain amphibia, in which it appears radially striated under the light microscope; with the electron microscope the striations can be seen to be microvilli.membrana striata, striated membrane, z. radiata;
z. tec´ta arcuate zone
z. vasculo´sa vascular zone


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