beam (bem)

1. Any bar whose curvature changes under load; in dentistry, frequently used instead of "bar." 2. A collimated emission of light or other radiation, such as an x-ray b. [O.H.G. Boum]
Balkan b. Balkan frame
cantilever b. in dentistry, a b. that is supported by only one fixed support at only one of its ends.
continuous b. in dentistry, a b. that continues over three or more supports, those supports not at the b. ends being equally free supports.
electron b. a form of radiation used principally in superficial radiotherapy. See betatron.
restrained b. in dentistry, a b. that has two or more supports, at least one of which permits some freedom of rotation to the point of support but not as much as if the support were a free support.
simple b. in dentistry, a straight b. that has only two supports, one at either end.


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