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behavior (be-hav´yer)

1. Any response emitted by or elicited from an organism. 2. Any mental or motor act or activity. 3. Specifically, parts of a total response pattern. [M.E., fr. O. Fr. avoir, to have]
adaptive b. any b. that enables an organism to adjust to a particular situation or environment.
adient b. appetitive b
ambient b. aversive b
appetitive b. movement of an organism toward a certain type of stimulus, such as food. Cf. aversive b. adient b;
aversive b. movement of an organism away from a certain type of stimulus, such as electric shock. Cf. appetitive b. ambient b;
coronary-prone b. b. that characterizes type A personality pattern.
health b. combination of knowledge, practices, and attitudes that together contribute to motivate the actions we take regarding health.
hookean b. the b. of a perfectly elastic body; i.e., the strain is directly proportional to the stress. See also Hooke's law.
molar b. in psychology, b. described in large response units rather than smaller ones. Cf. molecular b.
molecular b. in psychology, b. described in small response units rather than larger ones; a specific response. Cf. molar b.
obsessive b. the repetitive stylized b. seen in obsessive-compulsive neurosis.
operant b. b. whose continuation and frequency is determined by its consequences on the doer; central element of behavioral conditioning theory. See conditioning.
passive-aggressive b. apparently compliant b., with intrinsic obstructive or stubborn qualities, to cover deeply felt aggressive feelings that cannot be more directly expressed.
respondent b. b. in response to a specific stimulus; usually associated with classical conditioning. See conditioning.
ritualistic b. automatic b. of psychogenic or cultural origin.
target b. 1. operant 2. in b. modification therapy, the prescribed b.
type A b. a b. pattern characterized by aggressiveness, ambitiousness, restlessness, and a strong sense of time urgency; associated with increased risk for coronary heart disease.
type B b. a b. pattern characterized by the absence or obverse of type A b. characteristics.


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