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bite (bIt)

1. To incise or seize with the teeth. 2. The act of incision or seizure with the teeth. 3. A morsel of food held between the teeth. 4. Term used to denote the amount of pressure developed in closing the jaws. 5. Undesirable jargon for terms such as interocclusal record, maxillomandibular registration, denture space, and interarch distance. 6. A wound or puncture of the skin made by animal or insect. See bites. [A.S. bItan]
balanced b. balanced occlusion
biscuit b. maxillomandibular record
close b. small interarch distance
closed b. reduced vertical interarch distance with excessive vertical overlap of the anterior teeth.
deep b. an abnormally large vertical overlap of anterior teeth in centric occlusion.
edge-to-edge b. edge-to-edge occlusion
end-to-end b. edge-to-edge occlusion
jumping the b. an orthodontic technique for correcting a crossbite, usually anterior.
locked b. an occlusion in which the cusp arrangement restricts lateral excursions.
normal b. normal occlusion (1)
open b. 1. large interarch distance 2. apertognathia
rest b. a misnomer for physiologic rest position of the mandible.
working b. working contacts, under contact


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