bladder (blad´er)

A distensible musculomembranous organ serving as a receptacle for fluid, as the gallbladder. See detrusor.vesica (1); [A.S. blaedre]
air b. a two-chambered gas-filled sac that is present in most fish and functions as a hydrostatic organ; it is located beneath the vertebral column, and is connected with the esophagus in some fish.swim b;
allantoic b. a type of b. formed as an outgrowth of the cloaca.
atonic b. a large, dilated, and nonemptying b.; usually due to disturbance of innervation or to chronic obstruction.
autonomic neurogenic b. malfunctioning b., secondary to low spinal cord lesions.
gall b. gallbladder
hyperreflexic b. a b. exhibiting detrusor instability.
hypertonic b. a b. with poor compliance.
ileal b. ileal conduit
neurogenic b. neuropathic b
neuropathic b. any defective functioning of bladder due to impaired innervation, e.g., cord b., neuropathic b.neurogenic b;
nonneurogenic neurogenic b. detrusor-sphincter incoordination with urinary incontinence, constipation, UTI, upper tract changes.Hinman syndrome, pseudoneurogenic b;
poorly compliant b. a b. that has high pressure at low volumes in the absence of detrusor activity.
pseudoneurogenic b. nonneurogenic neurogenic b
reflex neurogenic b. an abnormal condition of b. function whereby the b. is cut off from upper motor neuron control, but where the lower motor neuron arc is still intact.
swim b. air b
trabeculated b. characterized by thick wall and hypertrophied muscle bundles. Typically seen in instances of long-standing obstruction.
uninhibited neurogenic b. a condition, either congenital or acquired, of abnormal b. function whereby normal inhibitory control of detrusor function by the central nervous system is impaired or underdeveloped, resulting in precipitant or uncontrolled micturition and/or anuresis.
unstable b. characterized by uninhibited detrusor contractions.
urinary b. a musculomembranous elastic bag serving as a storage place for the urine.vesica urinaria [NA], cystis urinaria, urocyst, urocystis;


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