blindness (blInd´nes)

1. Loss of the sense of sight; absolute b. connotes no light perception. See also amblyopia, amaurosis. 2. Loss of visual appreciation of objects although visual acuity is normal. 3. Absence of the appreciation of sensation, e.g., taste b.typhlosis;
canine hereditary b. an autosomal dominant condition seen in dogs of the collie and several other breeds.
color b. misleading term for anomalous or deficient color vision; complete color b. is the absence of one of the primary cone pigments of the retina. See protanopia, deuteranopia, tritanopia.
cortical b. loss of sight due to an organic lesion in the visual cortex.
day b. hemeralopia
eclipse b. solar maculopathy
flash b. a temporary loss of vision produced when retinal light-sensitive pigments are bleached by light more intense than that to which the retina is physiologically adapted at that moment.
flight b. visual blackout in aviators. See also amaurosis fugax.
functional b. apparent loss of vision related to suggestibility.
hysterical b. loss of vision or blurring of vision following a highly traumatic event such as seeing one's child killed by a truck.
legal b. generally, visual acuity of less than 6/60 or 20/200 using Snellen test types, or visual field restriction to 20° or less in the better eye; the criteria used to define legal b. vary among different groups.
letter b. visual agnosia for letters. The subject sees the letters but cannot identify them; caused by a lesion in the occipital cortex.
mind b. visual agnosia for objects. The subjet sees the object, but cannot identify it; due to a lesion in area 18 of the occipital cortex.object b., psychanopsia, psychic b;
moon b. periodic ophthalmia
music b. musical alexia
night b. nyctalopia
note b. musical alexia
object b. mind b
psychic b. mind b
river b. ocular onchocerciasis
sight b. asymbolia
sign b. visual agnosia for signs.
snow b. severe photophobia secondary to ultraviolet keratoconjunctivitis.
solar b. solar maculopathy
taste b. inability to appreciate gustatory stimuli.
text b. , word b. alexia


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