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blockade (blok´ad)

1. Intravenous injection of large amounts of colloidal dyes or other substances whereby the reaction of the reticuloendothelial cells to other influences (e.g., by phagocytosis) is temporarily prevented. 2. Arrest of peripheral nerve conduction or transmission at autonomic synaptic junctions, autonomic receptor sites, or myoneural junctions by a drug.
adrenergic b. selective inhibition by a drug of the responses of effector cells to adrenergic sympathetic nerve impulses (sympatholytic) and to epinephrine and related amines (adrenolytic).
cholinergic b. 1. inhibition by a drug of nerve impulse transmission at autonomic ganglionic synapses (ganglionic b.), at postganglionic parasympathetic effector cells (e.g., by atropine), and at myoneural junctions (myoneural b.); 2. the inhibition of a cholinergic agent.
ganglionic b. inhibition of nerve impulse transmission at autonomic ganglionic synapses by drugs such as nicotine or hexamethonium.
myoneural b. inhibition of nerve impulse transmission at myoneural junctions by a drug such as curare.
narcotic b. the use of drugs to inhibit the effects of narcotic substances, as with naloxone.
sympathetic b. interruption of transmission in sympathetic ganglia or conduction of impulses in pre- or postganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers.
virus b. the interference of one virus by another, either attenuated or unrelated.


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