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breathing (bredh´ing)

Inhalation and exhalation of air or gaseous mixtures.pneusis;
apneustic b. pauses in the respiratory cycle at full inspiration, caused by damage of the respiratory control centers in the more caudal pons.
ataxic b. Biot's respiration
Biot's b. Biot's respiration
bronchial b. breath sounds of a harsh or blowing quality, heard on auscultation of the chest, made by air moving in the large bronchi and barely, if at all, modified by the intervening lung; duration of the expiratory sound is as long as or longer than that of the inspiratory sound, and its pitch as high as or higher than that of the inspiratory sound; may be heard over a consolidated lung, above a pleural effusion due to an underlying compressed lung, and rarely over a pulmonary cavity; whispered pectoriloquy is another manifestation that usually can be elicited when bronchial b. is present.
continuous positive pressure b. (CPPB) controlled mechanical ventilation
glossopharyngeal b. respiration unaided by the usual primary muscles of respiration; the air is forced into the lungs by use of the tongue and muscles of the pharynx.
intermittent positive pressure b. (IPPB) controlled mechanical ventilation
mouth b. habitual respiration through the mouth instead of the nose, usually due to obstruction of the nasal airways.
positive-negative pressure b. (PNPB) inflation of the lungs with positive pressure and deflation with negative pressure by an automatic ventilator.
pursed lips b. a technique in which air is inhaled slowly through the nose and mouth and exhaled slowly through pursed lips; used by patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to improve their breathing by increasing resistance to air flow, forcibly dilating small bronchi.
shallow b. a type of b. with abnormally low tidal volume.
stertorous b. stertorous respiration


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