bridge (bridj)

1. The upper part of the ridge of the nose formed by the nasal bones. 2. One of the threads of protoplasm that appears to pass from one cell to another. 3. fixed partial denture
arteriolovenular b. the largest capillary connecting arteriole to venule.
cantilever b. a fixed partial b. denture in which the pontic is retained only on one side by an abutment tooth.extension b;
cell b.'s intercellular b.'s
cystine b. disulfide b
cytoplasmic b.'s intercellular b.'s
dentin b. a deposit of reparative dentin or other calcific substances which forms across and reseals exposed tooth pulp tissue.
disulfide b. 1. a disulfide linkage between two cysteinyl residues in a poly- or oligopeptide or in a protein; 2. any disulfide linkage between any thiol-containing moieties of a larger molecule.cystine b;
extension b. cantilever b
fixed b. See fixed partial denture.
Gaskell's b. atrioventricular bundle
intercellular b.'s slender cytoplasmic strands connecting adjacent cells; in histological sections of the epidermis and other stratified squamous epithelia, the b.'s are processes attached by a desmosome and are shrinkage artifacts of fixation; true b.'s with cytoplasmic confluence exist between incompletely divided germ cells.cell b.'s, cytoplasmic b.'s;
myocardial b. a b. of cardiac muscle fibers extending over the epicardial aspect of a coronary artery; this finding, in cases of sudden unexpected death, has led to speculation that cardiac contraction during exertion could constrict the coronary artery.
removable b. removable partial denture
salt b. electrostatic bond
Wheatstone's b. an apparatus for measuring electrical resistance; four resistors are connected to form the four sides or "arms" of a square; a voltage is applied to one diagonal pair of connections, while the voltage between the other diagonal pair is measured, e.g., by a galvanometer; the bridge is "balanced" when the measured voltage is zero; then, the ratios of the two pairs of adjoining resistances must be identical.


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