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bulb (bulb)

1. Any globular or fusiform structure.bulbus [NA]; 2. A short vertical underground stem of plants, as of the onion and garlic.bulbus [NA]; [L. bulbus, a bulbous root]
aortic b. the dilated first part of the aorta containing the aortic semilunar valves and the aortic sinuses.bulbus aortae [NA], arterial b;
arterial b. aortic b
carotid b. carotid sinus
b. of corpus spongiosum b. of penis
dental b. the papilla, derived from mesoderm, that forms the part of the primordium of a tooth that is situated within the cup-shaped enamel organ.
duodenal b. duodenal cap
end b. one of the oval or rounded bodies in which the sensory nerve fibers terminate in mucous membrane.
b. of eye eyeball
hair b. b. of hair
b. of hair hair bulb, the lower expanded extremity of the hair follicle that fits like a cap over the papilla pili.bulbus pili [NA], hair b;
jugular b. b. of jugular vein
b. of jugular vein one of two dilated parts of the internal jugular vein: (1) the superior bulb (Heister's diverticulum) is a dilation at the beginning of the internal jugular vein in the jugular fossa of the temporal bone; (2) the inferior bulb is a dilat ed portion of the vein just before it reaches the brachiocephalic vein.jugular b; bulbus venae jugularis [NA];
Krause's end b.'s nerve terminals in skin, mouth, conjunctiva, and other parts, consisting of a laminated capsule of connective tissue enclosing the terminal, branched, convoluted ending of an afferent nerve fiber; generally believed to be sensitive to cold.corpuscula bulboidea [NA], bulboid corpuscles;
b. of lateral ventricle a rounded elevation in the dorsal part of the medial wall of the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle, produced by the major forceps.
olfactory b. the grayish expanded rostral extremity of the olfactory tract, lying on the cribriform plate of the ethmoid and receiving the olfactory filaments.bulbus olfactorius [NA];
b. of penis the expanded posterior part of the corpus spongiosum of the penis lying in the interval between the crura of the penis.bulbus penis [NA], b. of corpus spongiosum, b. of urethra, bulbus urethrae;
b. of posterior horn of lateral ventricle of brain bulbus cornus posterioris
Rouget's b. a venous plexus on the surface of the ovary.
speech b. a prosthetic speech aid; a restoration used to close a cleft or other opening in the hard or soft palate, or to replace absent tissue necessary for the production of good speech.
taste b. taste bud
b. of urethra b. of penis
b. of vestibule a mass of erectile tissue on either side of the vagina united anterior to the urethra by the commissura bulborum.bulbus vestibuli vaginae [NA];


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