bulbus, gen and pl. bulbi (bul´bus, -bI) [NA]

bulb (1), bulb [L. a plant bulb]
b. aor´tae [NA] aortic bulb
b. cor´dis a transitory dilation in the embryonic heart where the arterial trunk joins the ventral roots of the aortic arches.
b. cor´nus posterior´is [NA] bulb of posterior horn of lateral ventricle of the brain; a curved elevation on the inner wall of the posterior horn produced by the fibers of the forceps major of the corpus callosum as they bend backward into the occipital lobe.bulb of posterior horn of lateral ventricle of brain;
b. oc´uli [NA] eyeball
b. olfacto´rius [NA] olfactory bulb
b. pe´nis [NA] bulb of penis
b. pi´li [NA] bulb of hair
b. ure´thrae bulb of penis
b. ve´nae jugula´ris [NA] bulb of jugular vein
b. vestib´uli vaginae [NA] bulb of vestibule


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