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bundle (bun´dl)

A structure composed of a group of fibers, muscular or nervous; a fasciculus.
aberrant b.'s a group, or groups, of fibers from the corticobulbar or corticonuclear tract, directed to each of the motor nuclei of cranial nerves.
anterior ground b. fasciculus anterior proprius See fasciculi proprii, under fasciculus.
Arnold's b. temporopontine tract
atrioventricular b. the bundle of modified cardiac muscle fibers that begins at the atrioventricular node as the trunk of the atrioventricular bundle and passes through the right atrioventricular fibrous ring to the membranous part of the interventricular septum where the trunk divides into two branches, the right crus of the atrioventricular b. and the left crus of the atrioventricular b.; the two crura ramify in the subendocardium of their respective ventricles.fasciculus atrioventricularis [NA], atrioventricular band, Gaskell's bridge, His' band, His' b., b. of His, Keith's b., Kent's b. (1), Kent-His b., ventriculonector;
Bachmann's b. division of the anterior internodal tract that continues into the left atrium providing a specialized path for interatrial conduction.
comma b. of Schultze semilunar fasciculus
Flechsig's ground b.'s fasciculus anterior proprius and fasciculus lateralis proprius. See fasciculi proprii, under fasciculus.
Gantzer's accessory b. See Gantzer's muscle.
Gierke's respiratory b. solitary tract
ground b.'s fasciculi proprii, under fasciculus
Held's b. tectospinal tract
Helie's b. a vertically arched b. of fibers in the superficial layer of the myometrium.
Helweg's b. olivospinal tract
His' b. , b. of His atrioventricular b
Hoche's b. See semilunar fasciculus.
hooked b. of Russell uncinate b. of Russell
Keith's b. atrioventricular b
Kent-His b. atrioventricular b
Kent's b. 1. atrioventricular b 2. a muscle fiber b. in the mammalian heart below the nodus atrioventricularis; may also occur in man.
Killian's b. See inferior constrictor muscle of pharynx.
Krause's respiratory b. solitary tract
lateral ground b. lateral proprius b; See fasciculi proprii, under fasciculus.
lateral proprius b. lateral ground b
Lissauer's b. dorsolateral fasciculus
Loewenthal's b. tectospinal tract
longitudinal pontine b.'s longitudinal pontine fasciculi, under fasciculus
medial forebrain b. a fiber system coursing longitudinally through the lateral zone of the hypothalamus, connecting the latter reciprocally with the midbrain tegmentum and with various components of the limbic system; it also carries fibers from norepinephrine-containing and serotonin-containing cell groups in the brainstem to the hypothalamus and cerebral cortex, as well as dopamine-carrying fibers from the substantia nigra to the caudate nucleus and putamen.
medial longitudinal b. medial longitudinal fasciculus
Meynert's retroflex b. retroflex fasciculus
Monakow's b. rubrospinal tract
muscle b. a group of muscle fibers ensheathed by connective tissue (perimysium).
oblique b. of pons oblique pontine fasciculus
olfactory b. a fiber system, described by E. Zuckerkandl as "Reichbündel," descending from the transparent septum in front of the anterior commissure toward the base of the forebrain; it contains precommissural fibers of the fornix, fibers from the septum to the hypothalamus and innominate substance, as well as fibers ascending to the septum and hippocampus from the hypothalamus and midbrain; it bears no special relation to the sense of smell.
olivocochlear b. a b. of fibers that originates from the periolivary nuclei bilaterally, exits the brainstem on the vestibular nerve, joins the cochlear nerve in the inner ear, and terminates on outer hair cells.b. of Rasmussen, olivocochlear fibers;
Pick's b. a b. of nerve fibers recurving rostralward from the pyramidal tract in the medulla oblongata, and believed to consist of corticonuclear fibers.
posterior longitudinal b. medial longitudinal fasciculus
precommissural b. See olfactory b.
predorsal b. tectospinal tract
b. of Rasmussen olivocochlear b
Rathke's b.'s trabeculae carneae, under trabecula
Schütz' b. dorsal longitudinal fasciculus
solitary b. solitary tract
tendon b. a group of tendon fibers surrounded by a sheath of irregular connective tissue (peritendineum).
Türck's b. anterior pyramidal tract
uncinate b. of Russell fastigial efferent fibers that cross with the cerebellum and descend over the lateral surface of the superior cerebellar peduncle; these fibers largely terminate in the vestibular nuclei and the reticular formation of the pons and medulla.hooked b. of Russell, uncinate fasciculus of Russell;
Vicq d'Azyr's b. mamillothalamic fasciculus


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