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bypass (bI´pas)

1. A shunt or auxiliary flow. 2. To create new flow from one structure to another through a diversionary channel. See also shunt.
aortocoronary b. coronary b
aortoiliac b. an operation in which a vascular prosthesis is united with the aorta and iliac artery to relieve obstruction of the lower abdominal aorta, its bifurcation, and the proximal iliac branches.
aortorenal b. insertion of a graft of autogenous artery, saphenous vein, or synthetic material between the aorta and the distal renal artery, to circumvent an obstruction of the renal artery.
bowel b. jejunoileal b
cardiopulmonary b. diversion of the blood flow returning to the heart through a pump oxygenator (heart-lung machine) and then returning it to the arterial side of the circulation; used in operations upon the heart to maintain extracorporeal circulation.
coronary b. vein grafts or other conduits shunting blood from the aorta to branches of the coronary arteries, to increase the flow beyond the local obstruction.aortocoronary b;
extraanatomic b. a vascular b. that does not conform to the preexisting anatomy.
extracranial-intracranial b. a vascular shunt created by the anastomosis of an extracranial vessel to an intracranial vessel, usually, the superficial temporal artery to a cortical branch of the middle cerebral artery.
femoropopliteal b. a vascular prosthesis that bypasses an obstruction in the femoral artery; may be synthetic material, autologous tissue, or heterologous tissue.
gastric b. high division of the stomach, anastomosis of the small upper pouch of the stomach to the jejunum, and closure of the distal part of the stomach that is retained; used for treatment of morbid obesity.Mason operation;
jejunoileal b. anastomosis of the upper jejunum to the terminal ileum for treatment of morbid obesity.bowel b., jejunoileal shunt;
left heart b. any procedure that shunts blood returning from the pulmonary circulation to the systemic circulation without passing through the left heart. This is utilized during some cardiac surgery and experimentally during severe left heart failure or cardiogenic shock.
partial ileal b. division of the small intestine approximately at the junction of the middle and lower one-third, closure of the distal end, and anastomosis of the proximal end to the cecum.
right heart b. introduction of a circuit shunting blood from the venae cavae around the right atrium and ventricle and directly into the pulmonary artery.


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