capillary (kap´i-lar-e)

1. Resembling a hair; fine; minute. 2. A capillary vessel; e.g., blood c., lymph c.vas capillare [NA] , capillary vessel; 3. Relating to a blood or lymphatic c. vessel. [L. capillaris, relating to hair]
arterial c. a c. opening from an arteriole or metarteriole.
bile c. biliary canaliculus
blood c. (symbol c, as a subscript) a vessel whose wall consists of endothelium and its basement membrane; its diameter, when the c. is open, is about 8 mum; with the electron microscope, fenestrated c.'s and continuous c.'s are distinguished.
continuous c. a c. in which small vesicles (caveolae) are numerous and pores are absent.
fenestrated c. a c., found in renal glomeruli, intestinal villi, and some glands, in which ultramicroscopic pores of variable size occur; usually these are closed by a delicate diaphragm, although diaphragms are lacking in at least some renal glomerular c.'s.
lymph c. the beginning of the lymphatic system of vessels; it is lined with a highly attenuated endothelium with poorly developed basement membrane and a lumen of variable caliber. See lacteal (2).
sinusoidal c. sinusoid
venous c. a c. opening into a venule.


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